Friday, December 30, 2011

Saying Good-Bye to Twenty Eleven

Wow, this year has been a fantastic year for me! We're ringing in 2012, the same way we rang in 2011 - at New Smyrna Beach. It's my home away from home, it's a much quieter and low key place than Orlando. Jason is on his way home from work, and we are packing up and shipping out tonight! Can't Wait!

This year has been one for the books.

In the beginning on the year, we went to Nashville for Valentine's Day weekend

Then, Celebrated my birthday with a few friends:

I landed an awesome job, with an amazing company:

We went to a few fun concerts this year:

Kenny Chesney:
We won these field tickets

Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan and The Band Perry

and, Runaway Country Festival
 Dierks Bentley
 Eric Church
 Justin Moore
 Miranda Lambert
US! :)

Then, in May....

In August, I went on a Company Cruise, were we had a fun Scavenger hunt:

and we drank:

We wedding planned like it was our job - booked the ceremony, reception, dj, caterer, photographer, and got my wedding dress :)

Took our Engagement Pictures

We Celebrated Jason's Birthday and My Mom's Birthday

A week later, we said good-bye to that beautiful dog, Tari. :(

For Christmas, we celebrated 5 times with our families

My favorite gift from Jason was this little beauty:
A $200.00 giftcard to get a beautiful dress Lilly Pulitzer dress : )

He loved his Gator Bowl Tickets and Pocket Knife - such a boy!

What can I say? It's truly been a blessed year, I can't wait to see what the new year brings. 

Happy New Year Ladies! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tidings

Isn't he handsome?

Christmas is just around the corner, Yipee. I finally finished shopping yesterday, I just need to do one little craft and wrap wrap wrap. My house is currently a diaster due to my insane work schedule this week, I need to slow it downnnnn.

To get me through the work week, I've been jamming out to Nsync's Home for the Holidays album. Please tell me that you remember this song


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello and Goodbye

This past week has been an emotional one. 

Last week, was a hectic one to say the least... On Tuesday, I had three family members in the hospital. My Cousin was having her baby, My Grandma was STILL in the hospital and having minor surgery and my Brother was jumped at a gas station. Luckily, everyone one was out by the end of the week.

Check out my sweet baby cousin and god daughter: 
Love them! :)

Pretty much I spent last week running from hospital to hospital after work to visit my family. 

On Sunday, our family went through a rough loss. We had to say goodbye to my brother's 12 year old dog. 

This was My Brother and Tari at my mom's birthday "party" on December 2nd. 

She loved being in the chaos of our family, and let my nephews play all over her. This day was no different, when I saw her I could tell she had lost weight. It wasn't anything that alarmed me... at the time.

I called my mom on Sunday morning, she said that she was with Tari at the PetER. She was spitting up blood. Jason and I rushed down there.  My poor brother has had a rough time and was actually in a detox center following his hospital stay, he was set to be released on Sunday at 12pm.

Jason and I met Momma at the Pet ER, and my sister rushed down to the center to pick up John. The Vet let us know that Tari was in heart failure; she had a valve that wasn't opening and closing, her heart was enlarged and pressing on her lungs, and she possibly had a muscle rupture. They wanted to keep her overnight to see a Cardiologist in the morning. 

I just couldn't. I couldn't let this dog be in pain. She's been a trooper throughout John's crazy life, and never let him experience pain. She was always there for him, and for us. I asked the Vet:

"If this was your dog, what would you do?"

She took a deep breath and said "She's drowning in her own fluids, I would let her go"

We waiting an hour for John to get down there, and they brought Tari to us. She look like she lost another 10 lbs from the last time I saw her and she couldn't catch her breath. We gave Tari kisses and hugs and told her how much we loved her. Despite her condition she was smiling and offering up as many kisses as she could! 

She gave all 5 of us a kiss, and then started heavily breathing. I honestly think she waited to see John, almost to tell him that "She was fine and everything would be okay." Just like she did every day for 12 years. My heart breaks for my Brother!

At 12:25pm we let Tari go peacefully.

"A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn't care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary? "-Marley and Me.

Friday, December 2, 2011

So many amazing Women in my life

I've been so blessed this week with my amazing family and my amazing friends, that I couldn't help but share about them!

Let's start with the Birthday girl!!

Ha, love her shirt

This little spit-fire is my mama. Today is her birthday, and it's a milestone one- she would kill me if I put which milestone it is though! She's been through hell and back this year, well maaaaaybe not "back" just yet. She's a strong women, I know she won't let a little detour in her happiness bring her down. Happy Happy Birthday Mom! Hopefully you have many more years, but none that are like this last one :)

And, the lady that is ultimately responsible for my momma and I?

This is my lovely Grandma. She's not doing so well these past few days, so if you have any extra prayers to spare please send them our way. She's currently in ICU after having a mini stroke and mini heart attack. She's a strong lady, so our family is hoping for a quick recovery. Lord knows, when she realizes that it's Saturday tomorrow, the day she's supposed to get her hair and nails done, she'll come to and walk straight outta that hospital! Haha. 
But seriously, see that picture above. Her nails are always perfect, and she'll be sure to tell you if yours aren't looking so pretty. Trust.

And, lastly these three beauties have each gone out of their way for me this past week. True definitions of friends and I'm so happy that they will be standing with me on my Wedding Day!

(stolen from Facebook: L-R Wendy G. Wendy C. and Steph)

My little Wendy G. has brought me back to my true self, whether she knows it or not. If I tell her something crazy, like... oh, I don't know... I don't want to go to Nashville for my Bachelorette Party. She brings me back to reality and reminds me that she knows me better than I know myself! I love her heart.

My lovely Bargainista friend, Wendy C., researched my beloved Bridesmaid dresses and found them $53 cheaper online. How amazing is she? We're working on getting the bridal store to either price match or let us cancel the two that have been purchased (but not ordered) the other day.

And, my fellow co-worker, blogger, gossiper, friend and daily lunch date Steph. I seriously don't know how I survived 24 years without a friend like her. She is amazing. I had a flat tire this morning and I called her to vent while Jason woke up and came to fix it. Her exact words "I'm five minutes away, be right there" Who would of thought that she could change a flat? I was so impressed. Jason didn't bring he phone, so I couldn't call him back to tell him Steph was on her way. I texted Steph anyways, to tell her not to worry. But, she showed up anyways just in case I needed a ride to work. Love her!

I'm surrounded by a bunch of amazing, beautiful and independent women. They are all so caring and thoughtful that I can't help but smile when I think of them.  My life is truly better because each and every one is apart of it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I did and didn't do during Thanksgiving

Hey girls! Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, I just had a moment to catch up on all of those lovely weekend recaps! I did a lot this past weekend, and figured I'd throw my recap out there too

I did: Pick out my bridesmaid dresses with my lovelies!
I didn't: regret my decision, not one bit! I love love love these dresses.

I did: go out and see friends every single night.
I didn't: miss a nap. We took one every day!

I did:  have 4 Thanksgivings to go to over the break, 3 on Thursday and 1 on Friday. oy!
I didn't: take a single picture of all of the food that I consumed. Probably for the best!

Talk about Food Baby!

I did: Have friends over to watch the UF/FSU game
I didn't: Rejoice in a Gator victory! Not gonna lie, this game was a hard one

And, here's the big one

I didn't: go Black Friday or Cyber Monday Shopping
What is wrong with me? Who have I become?

That pretty much summed up my weekend, how was yours?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Is it okay?: Wedding Edition- drinks after?

Happy Friday lovelies, hope you're week has been one for the books :)

I've been debating this for a while and please don't view me as an alcoholic. butttt,
Is it okay to go out after the reception?

Now hear me out... I've been out and seen a bride or two in her full bridal gown belly up at a bar. And, well to each their own, right? I never really like the whole idea. I always thought that getting really drunk and going out on your wedding night was kind of....tacky?

(Oh, hey J.simps)

My feelings were always that I wanted to immediately go on my honeymoon with my hubs and the night would be over.

Fast forward to planning for the actual wedding. 

My wedding reception ends at 9 o'clock. NINE PM! Well, yes I have been known to fall alseep at that hour on the reg. I just simply cannot imagine planning a year for this day and it ending at 9pm. That's just too early, I'll have a lot of friends and family in town to celebrate, etc. etc.

But, really. This is the one day that my friends and family will come together to celebrate our love. The one day where it will be about "us." The one day where my old chapter as Ms. will end and my new chapter as Mrs. will begin. I. want. to. celebrate.

I've been thinking about us getting a hotel room at a nice, extremely expensive hotel in downtown and changing into a short, white cocktail dress. Then going out after our reception for a few drinks with our closest friends and family. 

So, that okay? Is that the norm? Or, do you think I'm a lush?  On second thought, don't worry about answering that last question. We all know the answer

What do you think?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

If my head wasn't attached to my neck

You know how the saying goes... That's literally been my life for the past week. I've lost everything that I've touched.

On Wednesday, I lost my contract (and check-whoops) for the Wedding Planner. I filled out the contract, stuffed everything in an envelope and put the envelope in my purse to take to the Post Office. When I got to the post office, it was gone! GONE! It vanished into my black hole of a purse. Which happens quite frequently, that thing is bigger than it appears. I've searched my office, my house and my car. I don't know where that envelope went but I'm not happy about it

A couple weeks ago, a fake pearl fell off my Forever21 earring. Side note- they are the cutest earrings I have eveeerrr bought, I may or may not of been contemplating wearing them on THE day. I was bummed when it happened, but slipped the loose pearl into my coin area in my wallet and planned on supergluing it back to the earring later. Totally normal, right? Well, of course I procrastinated and kept forgetting to do it. And today I went to get change out for to pay my coffee and that little pearl has also vanished. oy!

What's that you ask...Why was I digging for change in the first place? Why not just pay with a debit card? Oh yeah, because I lost my debit card last night. Seriously, ya'll... What is happening to me? Am I finally turning into my mom??

I mean, I wouldn't mind her olive skin or her 90lb frame. BUT, that knack for losing things needs to go.

(love you, mom!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Friend From High School

Have you guys heard about this twitter feed (@FriendfromHS), It is a parody of all of those girls that you have to be friends on Facebook/twitter but write the most insane things, you know THOSE girls!

Take a look at some of my favorite Tweets from her:


Hope ya'll love those as much as I do. I just found out today that it's written by a guy. This just makes it ten times better to me. If you're jumping on twitter to follow her, follow moi while you're at it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

They're Here!

My Engagement Pictures that is! Woohoo, I was so happy to open that little piece of mail yesterday. I promise I won't bore you with all 300 of them.

 Here are just a small dosage of my favorites:

I absolutely love how they turned out. They are exactly what I was hoping for. I spent about oh say, 3 hours last night trying to find my top 4 pictures for my Save the Dates

Let's get to the CMA's, shall we? 

Carrie had about 10 outfit changes and she looked beautiful in all of them. Can Forever21 just PLEASE come out with an affordable version of all of these? I would be forever grateful to you! These are my top three favorite outfits

There was just so much to love about the CMA's, they have an amazing amount of performances each year. The only thing I really didn't like was The Band Perry winning everything  Best New Artist, I think it definitely (with out a doubt) should of gone to Luke Bryan...

Which by the way check out this picture of Steph and I with Luke, It's the real deal! ;)