Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cake Pop Till You Drop

It seems as though everyone and their mother caught on to the Cake Pop trend. Including me, thanks to lil' old Starbucks. I mean... How could you not love them? Portable, mini cake bites. Yum Yum. After seeing countless tutorials on how to do them, including my high school friend  and bakerella. I work up the nerve to try my hand at them for the Engagement Party

This couldn't possibly be that hard, right? WRONG!!! I was defeated by them. On Thursday night, my friend Tiffany came over for dinner and cake pop making. It wasn't so bad at first. Baking the cake, adding the frosting, making the cake balls, putting the lollipop sticks in them; It all went well. We were flying through this process. Then we came to the candy melts and we failed miserably. We could not figure it out. In my defeated state, I toss the cake pops. After talking to a few people and getting the tips of the trade, I started again the next night.

I made the cake and let it sit over night. 

The next morning I covered them in candy melts and sprinkles, I was too busy trying to grasp the technique to take pictures during the coating step. Here they are drying:

Then, being completely neurotic and insane: I decided to wrap them and tie them with raffata:

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures. 

At the end of the day, cake pops were had by all and the kids loved them. So, I guess it was some what worth it :)

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