Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moms + Weddings

I love my mom like no other, but our vision of the wedding is completely different. My Grandma planned her wedding and my sister didn't really have a traditional wedding. So, this is a first experience for the both of us.  I think we've done a pretty good job comprising so far. It's taken a few tears, a lot of phone calls, and even more wine. But, things are getting done and we are both are happy. I'm sure your not surprised to find out that our biggest disagreement has been about the food. Ha, Leave it to the Italians to make a big deal out of food. 

But, nevertheless we are doing pretty good on the planning front; we have locations for the ceremony and reception, a fabulous caterer (I cannot say enough nice things about this lady), and chiavari chairs. Haha.. yes we have chairs before the dress, cake, photos etc. But to my defense, these are some pretty gorgeous chairs and we found a great deal (sort-of).

SO PRETTY!!! It's okay to be obsessed, right? Ours will be Mahogany too, but with white cushions. Although I do love that pink :)

Anyway, next week I do have a few meetings with a DJ and a couple photographers, so hopefully those will be the next two things crossed off the list. Fingers Crossed!

I'm most excited for this Saturday, it's our engagement party! I am by no means ready for it, but it will all come together somehow. I'm most looking forward to asking our bridal party to be in our wedding. To me, I wanted to make this time as special to them as it is to us. Jason and I thought a lot about who we wanted to stand up there with us, we also realized just how much these people really mean to us. So, instead of just a phone call or a dinner to ask, we got them each a little gift. I'm so excited to see their reactions and hope they realize how much we appreciate them.

I need to run off and make a todo list for the weekend- yea, I'm one of those people

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