Monday, August 22, 2011

10 day challenge: Day 1

I just came across this cute little challenge over at Natasha's adorable blog, check her out at Hello! Happiness. Her blog will make you want to move to Nashville, as if I needed any more reasons to love that place.  Let's give it a try, shall we?

1. I am a horrible listener. The majority of the time, I'm thinking about my next question,comment or story. I've been (honestly) trying to work on it. I just don't know how to stop my train of thought, long enough, to listen to someone else. How pathetic is that? ha. 

2. I love nothing more than a day spent in bed, watching trash TV and getting nothing done. This time last year, I was lucky enough to have those glorious days once a week. All thanks to going to School and a waitress job. These days I can't even find time without a thing to do.

3. Football season is coming up, and I'm not excited. Don't get me wrong-I love going to football games, tailgating, dressing up, beer pong, and having fun. But, my hate for fantasy football and watching football all day on Saturday and Sunday outweighs my love. I basically lose Jason to football until the beginning of next year.  To bring in football season, I'm planning on making this pretttttty  ribbon wreath for my front door:

4. When were talking about food and  I say "I don't like it", there is a 90% chance I've just never had it before. Jason just recently figured this out, and now I'm having to try things all over the place. But, I am starting to like a bunch of foods that I never would imagine. I guess that's a plus

5. Last Saturday, we went to Jason's nephew's Pop Warner football game. He's 7 years old and it is so exciting to see him play. I teared up while they ran through the paper banner. Thank Goodness for Sunglasses.

6. I really want to move. Out of Florida. Things have been hectic around here lately, friends and family have been causing more drama than I'd like to have. I know the solution isn't just to pick up and move (especially since I own my house). But, I can't help but think easy-breezy it would be if we picked up and moved out of town. 

7. Going back to that whole "I don't like it" food thing. I used to proclaim I didn't like Jimmy Johns, until I actually had it. Now, I'm obsessed with it. In a bad way. I think about it for lunch every day.

8. When my dog falls asleep, I sometimes pick him, put him in my arms and cuddle with him. He hates it, I love it. 

9. When I make To-Do lists, there are usually 1 or 2 items that I've already technically done. As soon as I make the list, I cross off those items that are done. It's just fun to create a list and already have things to be proud of!

10. I have been struggling for these past few days about having something to blog about. I just don't find my life that interesting, but I know that I need a place to put my emotions into. I'm going through a lot right now, but I haven't quite felt comfortable putting myself out there yet. 

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  1. Ahhh! I lose my guy to football, too. Boooo. He actually had to look at the UCF schedule before he agreed to the date of our engagement party! Grrr...

    Though, that wreath idea isn't bad... Hmmm. ;)