Tuesday, August 23, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 2

1. I LOVE the amazing people in my life that keep me sane; Jason, my momma, the girls and Bailey. They certainly have a tough job!

2. I love decorating my house for the holidays. I still have my fourth of July wreath up. But, it can transfer over to Memorial Day and Labor day... right? I'm going to swing by JoAnn's and Marshalls to pick up fall decorations. 

3. I love my job. Honestly, it's amazing. 

4. I just adore the whole wedding planning process. It may just be my calling in life. I just love planning every little detail of this wedding. So much so, that I'm actually afraid of hiring a planner for the fact that I don't want them to mess it up. It's just so fun for me.

5. I love love love Weekends. I haven't really had Saturday and Sunday off... well ever.  Now, I look forward to these 2 days off, we get so much accomplished!  On that note, I love 3 day weekends (who doesn't). Hurry on up, Labor Day! I'm waiting 

6. I love being alone in our house. Without a roommate. It's been amazing, it's so great to do laundry without someone jumping in to do a load. It's great to fall asleep and know that no one else will be coming home and making a whole bunch of noise. It's just fantastic. Jason and I have been so happy without our roommate!

7. I love that I swung by my mom's house last night and had a glass of wine with her. My sister and nephews moved in with her. I was excited to spend time with them too. Although, now that they are "older" and in elementary school, all they do is play on the computer. At least those little boogers still give me hugs (even if I force them too)

8.  I love Real Housewives of New Jersey. I just can't get enough. I watched it yesterday before coming into work. Yup, you guessed it,  I can't stay up late enough to watch it on Sunday nights--Grandma Status.  I love Caroline, she is just a great go-to person for advice. I just wish I could call her up. I adore Jacqueline too. Poor thing, she's going through a lot right now(eeer... back then)

9.  I love that I have been getting better at not spending money. I've been bringing lunch every day and not spending my lunch hours going shopping. I've realized that I would rather use that money towards a car, vacation or house decor than lunch and clothes. Although, I really wouldn't mind swinging by Marshalls and checking out their shoes. They honestly have the best shoes.  

Well, that's it! Have a great Tuesday :)

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  1. Ahhh, holiday decorations. Right up my alley, for sure!!