Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 4

My 7 wants:

1. I want peace for my Mom, she's been going through a lot lately and I'd like to see her back to where she used to be.

2. I want to be stress-free about money.

3. I want to trade in my Scion for a Jeep Compass or Cherokee. My Scion has the worst blind spots, which makes my horrible driving even worse.

4. I want it be the weekend already! :)

5. I want my nephews to grow up to be well-rounded men some day!

6. A cleaning lady would be amazing, I definitely want that

7. I want to live a long happy life with Jason. 

That's was fun! I'm so ready for the weekend, I can barely concentrate today. I wish I had exciting plans to chat about. We'll be going to a local Country bar on Saturday, Church on Sunday and that's about all we have planned for this weekend. Isn't too shabby 

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