Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivites

This Halloween was one for the books, we celebrated on Saturday with a party at our house. Which lead to me swearing up and down that I was never having a "party" again. Maybe a get-together, maybe friends over hanging out, but never ever ever a Party. There was way too many friends of friends that were disrespectful and didn't treat our house like a home. 

Anyhoo...back to the fun!

Jason had two criteria for this year's costume; he wanted to wear a mullet and he wanted to be funny

A lot of our friends did amazing with their costumes:

                               Cruella DeVille & Pongo                                      Carmen SanDiego

Blurry Picture but it's Me, A Flying Monkey (wizard of Oz.) Lois Lane and An M&M

                                  Russell Brand & Pongo                          Katy Perry and Chief Osceola

I made a Halloween Inspired 7-layer dip and a few people brought yummy snacks

All in All it ultimately was a fun party, but it's still the last party I'll ever have! 

Hope your Halloween was great & Happy November!

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