Thursday, November 17, 2011

If my head wasn't attached to my neck

You know how the saying goes... That's literally been my life for the past week. I've lost everything that I've touched.

On Wednesday, I lost my contract (and check-whoops) for the Wedding Planner. I filled out the contract, stuffed everything in an envelope and put the envelope in my purse to take to the Post Office. When I got to the post office, it was gone! GONE! It vanished into my black hole of a purse. Which happens quite frequently, that thing is bigger than it appears. I've searched my office, my house and my car. I don't know where that envelope went but I'm not happy about it

A couple weeks ago, a fake pearl fell off my Forever21 earring. Side note- they are the cutest earrings I have eveeerrr bought, I may or may not of been contemplating wearing them on THE day. I was bummed when it happened, but slipped the loose pearl into my coin area in my wallet and planned on supergluing it back to the earring later. Totally normal, right? Well, of course I procrastinated and kept forgetting to do it. And today I went to get change out for to pay my coffee and that little pearl has also vanished. oy!

What's that you ask...Why was I digging for change in the first place? Why not just pay with a debit card? Oh yeah, because I lost my debit card last night. Seriously, ya'll... What is happening to me? Am I finally turning into my mom??

I mean, I wouldn't mind her olive skin or her 90lb frame. BUT, that knack for losing things needs to go.

(love you, mom!)


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