Friday, November 18, 2011

Is it okay?: Wedding Edition- drinks after?

Happy Friday lovelies, hope you're week has been one for the books :)

I've been debating this for a while and please don't view me as an alcoholic. butttt,
Is it okay to go out after the reception?

Now hear me out... I've been out and seen a bride or two in her full bridal gown belly up at a bar. And, well to each their own, right? I never really like the whole idea. I always thought that getting really drunk and going out on your wedding night was kind of....tacky?

(Oh, hey J.simps)

My feelings were always that I wanted to immediately go on my honeymoon with my hubs and the night would be over.

Fast forward to planning for the actual wedding. 

My wedding reception ends at 9 o'clock. NINE PM! Well, yes I have been known to fall alseep at that hour on the reg. I just simply cannot imagine planning a year for this day and it ending at 9pm. That's just too early, I'll have a lot of friends and family in town to celebrate, etc. etc.

But, really. This is the one day that my friends and family will come together to celebrate our love. The one day where it will be about "us." The one day where my old chapter as Ms. will end and my new chapter as Mrs. will begin. I. want. to. celebrate.

I've been thinking about us getting a hotel room at a nice, extremely expensive hotel in downtown and changing into a short, white cocktail dress. Then going out after our reception for a few drinks with our closest friends and family. 

So, that okay? Is that the norm? Or, do you think I'm a lush?  On second thought, don't worry about answering that last question. We all know the answer

What do you think?


  1. I think it's a preference. I had a friend that did that but she ended up severely hung over the next am at the brunch. Also, some just want to go to sleep - they are so tired. But if you have a lot of out of town friends and guests coming in that might be a good way to spend extra time with them. My thoughts.... i have been known to never turn down a time to party but I am not sure about my wedding night :)

  2. As with every wedding question- it is YOUR wedding, you do what you want. Buuuuuuut if you're asking.... You guys are going to have such an awesome time with all your friends and family. THEY will probably go out afterwards, regardless of what you do. Buuuuuuut, you will be newlyweds. Get a fancy schmancy hotel, have a nice bottle of wine or champagne there, and enjoy being married. Alone. You have the rest of your lives to go out to bars-- you only have one wedding night. Dont miss out on that girl

  3. P.S. 5ohHubby and I went to a hotel- ordered room service- and spent the night opening whatever cards we had there and just basking in the "OH-MY-GOSH-CAN-YOU-BELIEVE-WE-ARE-MARRIED"ness of it all. I wouldnt trade those moments for the world

  4. I think it's totally up to you! Either is right! I think you'll be really surprised how exhausted you are though...

    All of our friends went out at a bar across the street from our wedding venue and we were just BEYOND exhausted from the reception and wanted to get out of clothes "get out of clothes" i mean we were totally looking forward to getting in our pajamas ;)

    Either way whatever will make y'all the happiest!

  5. MARRIAGE!!! I love your blog. New follower :)

  6. i would have/wanted to go out after my wedding (and my sister and her husband did!) but i was beat so I went right to bed :) but i think it would be fun and think of all the free drinks you could get :)
    new follower :)

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