Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

I'm linking up with the Wonderful Jamie again for What I'm Loving Wednesday, this post always makes me feel so grateful for the things I have and I love love love doing them! :) Thanks Jamie!!

I'm loving that I'll be meeting up with the photographer on Thursday to pick up my CD of Engagement Pictures. They turned out fantastic, can't wait to show everyone!!!

I'm loving that Daylights savings time ends this Sunday.  HALLELUJAH!! I'm so ready for that extra hour of sleep.

I'm loving that my fridge is covered in Save the Dates and Baby Shower Invites. The fact that those excite me really screams that I'm in my late twenties. 


I'm loving that tonight is girls night :) We're meeting this pretty lady's house for Wine and Pizza. Much better than going out and spending a fortune at a restaurant because us three can sure finish off a bottle of wine or 4.

I'm loving that it's getting close to the Holiday season, I can't wait to overeat with my family and friends, Shop for gifts, and have a bunch of paid time off :) One of my best friends (and Bridesmaid) is coming in town from Googleworld, we are already planning fun wedding stuff to do while she's here.

I'm loving that I've made a promise to myself to avoid Target this month. I'm not positive that it's going to stick. But Hey, I've started off strong...2 Days and counting!

Lastly, as always and always I'm loving my sweet sweet fiancé and my precious puggle!


  1. how can you go on a target strike this time of year?! it's the best time to go! :)

    Trish @ Tales from ... 

  2. Great loves...I can't wait for our extra hour of sleep

  3. I am so excited for Daylight Savings, not only for the sleep but so it won't be dark out when I leave in the morning haha