Friday, December 2, 2011

So many amazing Women in my life

I've been so blessed this week with my amazing family and my amazing friends, that I couldn't help but share about them!

Let's start with the Birthday girl!!

Ha, love her shirt

This little spit-fire is my mama. Today is her birthday, and it's a milestone one- she would kill me if I put which milestone it is though! She's been through hell and back this year, well maaaaaybe not "back" just yet. She's a strong women, I know she won't let a little detour in her happiness bring her down. Happy Happy Birthday Mom! Hopefully you have many more years, but none that are like this last one :)

And, the lady that is ultimately responsible for my momma and I?

This is my lovely Grandma. She's not doing so well these past few days, so if you have any extra prayers to spare please send them our way. She's currently in ICU after having a mini stroke and mini heart attack. She's a strong lady, so our family is hoping for a quick recovery. Lord knows, when she realizes that it's Saturday tomorrow, the day she's supposed to get her hair and nails done, she'll come to and walk straight outta that hospital! Haha. 
But seriously, see that picture above. Her nails are always perfect, and she'll be sure to tell you if yours aren't looking so pretty. Trust.

And, lastly these three beauties have each gone out of their way for me this past week. True definitions of friends and I'm so happy that they will be standing with me on my Wedding Day!

(stolen from Facebook: L-R Wendy G. Wendy C. and Steph)

My little Wendy G. has brought me back to my true self, whether she knows it or not. If I tell her something crazy, like... oh, I don't know... I don't want to go to Nashville for my Bachelorette Party. She brings me back to reality and reminds me that she knows me better than I know myself! I love her heart.

My lovely Bargainista friend, Wendy C., researched my beloved Bridesmaid dresses and found them $53 cheaper online. How amazing is she? We're working on getting the bridal store to either price match or let us cancel the two that have been purchased (but not ordered) the other day.

And, my fellow co-worker, blogger, gossiper, friend and daily lunch date Steph. I seriously don't know how I survived 24 years without a friend like her. She is amazing. I had a flat tire this morning and I called her to vent while Jason woke up and came to fix it. Her exact words "I'm five minutes away, be right there" Who would of thought that she could change a flat? I was so impressed. Jason didn't bring he phone, so I couldn't call him back to tell him Steph was on her way. I texted Steph anyways, to tell her not to worry. But, she showed up anyways just in case I needed a ride to work. Love her!

I'm surrounded by a bunch of amazing, beautiful and independent women. They are all so caring and thoughtful that I can't help but smile when I think of them.  My life is truly better because each and every one is apart of it.

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  1. so fabulous. amazing post, love. thanks for sharing. if you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo