Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My love for Someecards

This are quite possibly my favorite thing on the interwebs. I find them hysterical. Here are a few of my favorites - Hope this makes your Tuesday a little more bareable :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Time to get Serious

The time is coming that I've been dreading. The save the dates are out, a bridal shower is being put together, the Bachelorette party involves a beach and the honeymoon is booked.

All of this means one thing, I NEED TO DIET! Everything is starting to become real and I need motivation to get in shape. 

That would be amazing...

I've never been one to watch what I eat, or to go to the gym. I don't know why I'm not motivated, but I just can't find the inner person inside of me to get me there. However, I honestly have no choice.  I'm just not comfortable in my body at this point in time, which means...I need to do something. 

A close friend of mine has started the Herbalife diet, which is basically a shake diet. She works out everyday and has been dieting for years. I know I'm not even close to her level of discipline. Not even remotely close. But, I do know one thing - I need a diet that is all about convenience. Which Herbalife seems to fit the bill. You replace two meals a day with a shake, add in 2 snacks and one low carb meal. 

Jason is already on the low-carb diet, so I've been eating healthy dinners for the past few weeks. I just jumped off the bandwagon when I was eating breakfast and lunch. Hopefully this diet will solve those meals. HOPEFULLY!

I saw this fantastic idea on Pinterest, I may swing by Hobby Lobby to pick up a few supplies to make it. Visualizing my goal would really help me get there.

What are some ways you ladies motivate yourself to hit the gym or diet?  I need all the help I can get!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

 It's been a while, but I'm linking up with Jamie for a little loving on Wednesday!

I'm loving that I have a happy hour/kick off the year - work party tonight. My co-workers from all over the US flew in today, so the headquarters office is lively!!!

I'm loving that Jason is so into school He just transferred to UCF, and I really couldn't be more proud of him. After years of owning his own lawn business, he decided he wanted something a little less wear-and-tear on the body. And, a little more stable for our family. Love him!

I'm loving that we booked our honeymoon last week. Save the Dates are going out this week, and I'm basically just down to figuring out two more vendors (Thank you for your help, Steph & Stephanie). Then it's on to all the fun DIY stuff. It's getting so close!

I'm loving that Jason and I will be going to Universal/Islands of Adventure on Saturday. An old co-worker of mine, called me because he had free tickets that needed to be used by the end of the month. So sweet of him!!

I'm loving that we discovered this gem of a restaurant right down the street from us. It was a New Orleans style restaurant, we felt like we were in NOLA. The live music, the food, the drinks. It was all so so good.
Yumm, Fried Pickles and a Goblet of Beer. :)

I'm loving these little beauties I found on Pinterest, it's never too early to start a birthday wish list - right?

Lastly, I'm lovvvvinng my boys, we had a fantastic weekend. That included this on Saturday night, Bailey boo's Rawhides weren't pictured!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Is it okay? Wedding Edition- Guest list woes

I'm preparing to send out my Save the Dates and while we're quickly finalizing the guest list, I'm realizing there is just one person who I don't want at my wedding. 

One girl.

One very mean girl.

boo, you whore.

I wish it was easy to just take her off the list, but it isn't so black and white! Here's a little back story.

Jason and I went to high school together, so a good majority of our friends are still from high school. Particularly, his group of guy friends. He has a ton of them and they are all very loyal to each other. For the past two years, one of his friends has been in quite a serious relationship. And, as any girls in and all boys "group" would do - we became friends. Not necessarily close friends, but friends none-the-less.

Over the past year or so,  I've heard extremely rude things that she has said about Jason and I. Things that have no truth to it, and just flat out mean things to say. She's spread stories, hell even one or two of my friends (close friends, now) used to dislike Jason from her made-up stories. Not that I need to clarify myself to anyone, but I called her out on one of these instances. I'm not really one to keep doing it. Instead, I prefer to cut her out of my life. There is no time for negativity and drama, unless it's on JERZDAY.


Jason is still considerably close to her boyfriend. We plan on inviting him to the wedding, but I can not for the life of me get comfortable with the idea of giving him a "+1." I feel like she would be judging and criticizing us our whole day. I do not want to be thinking about that on my wedding day.

I've kind of already made up my mind about not inviting her, and Jason (and I) are prepared to deal with the backlash. 

Is it okay to invite a close friend but not his long-term girlfriend?
Have any of you ladies had to do this before? How did you handle it? 

I honestly feel like a horrible person for putting my foot down on this, but I can honestly picture her judging me as a I walk down the aisle. And, I don't want those visions to "cloud" this beautiful day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jamaica me CRAZY

We booked our HONEYMOON!! 

Hello Jamaica.
I'll be seeing your beautiful beaches in exactly 171 days.
(which means I'm marrying my love in 170)

We booked at Sandals, all inclusive is definitely the way to go for us. Once we get to Jamaica - we won't have to worry about a thang!!

I'm on cloud 9 right now, things are slowly starting to come together. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 has started off strong

We celebrated the New Year in our favorite place: New Smyrna Beach.

Bailey is thrilled to wear his hat.

We made it down to the main street of New Smyrna, only to find that the streets were abnormally packed. Instead of trying to fight the crowds at our favorite bars, we walked down the street a few blocks to a great little restaurant for a few drinks. Then slowly made it back to the bars.

After a few vodka-sodas! :)

Around 11:15, we made it to our favorite bar Peanuts. They have a live band that plays Country and Southern Rock. HEAVEN.

Every year they do a champagne toast for the whole bar.

Cheers to 2012 - The year of the wedding!!

We spent Sunday lounging around New Smyrna and then driving home. On Monday, we woke up SUPER early and drove up to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl.

We lucked out and found prime parking in a parking lot, right next to our parking spot there was a whole spot there was the corner of the parking garage. They weren't allowed to park it, so we set up shop. they knew we were professional tailgaters. 

We picked up cups at the gas station, just to make sure our hands wouldn't freeze!

Dale Earnhart Jr. Did the coin toss for the game, let's just say that Jason was in HEAVEN. That is until my mom (who was also at the game) texted us pictures of her view of JR.

I don't know HOW she always runs into Celebrities. Brat! At least our seats were much better, haha.

The Gators WON, and we were happy campers - not like those sad Ohio State fans pouting behind us :)

Hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year! Ours couldn't of started out any better!