Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 has started off strong

We celebrated the New Year in our favorite place: New Smyrna Beach.

Bailey is thrilled to wear his hat.

We made it down to the main street of New Smyrna, only to find that the streets were abnormally packed. Instead of trying to fight the crowds at our favorite bars, we walked down the street a few blocks to a great little restaurant for a few drinks. Then slowly made it back to the bars.

After a few vodka-sodas! :)

Around 11:15, we made it to our favorite bar Peanuts. They have a live band that plays Country and Southern Rock. HEAVEN.

Every year they do a champagne toast for the whole bar.

Cheers to 2012 - The year of the wedding!!

We spent Sunday lounging around New Smyrna and then driving home. On Monday, we woke up SUPER early and drove up to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl.

We lucked out and found prime parking in a parking lot, right next to our parking spot there was a whole spot there was the corner of the parking garage. They weren't allowed to park it, so we set up shop. they knew we were professional tailgaters. 

We picked up cups at the gas station, just to make sure our hands wouldn't freeze!

Dale Earnhart Jr. Did the coin toss for the game, let's just say that Jason was in HEAVEN. That is until my mom (who was also at the game) texted us pictures of her view of JR.

I don't know HOW she always runs into Celebrities. Brat! At least our seats were much better, haha.

The Gators WON, and we were happy campers - not like those sad Ohio State fans pouting behind us :)

Hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year! Ours couldn't of started out any better!

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  1. Love your outfit with the cowboy boots! You look super cute!