Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

 It's been a while, but I'm linking up with Jamie for a little loving on Wednesday!

I'm loving that I have a happy hour/kick off the year - work party tonight. My co-workers from all over the US flew in today, so the headquarters office is lively!!!

I'm loving that Jason is so into school He just transferred to UCF, and I really couldn't be more proud of him. After years of owning his own lawn business, he decided he wanted something a little less wear-and-tear on the body. And, a little more stable for our family. Love him!

I'm loving that we booked our honeymoon last week. Save the Dates are going out this week, and I'm basically just down to figuring out two more vendors (Thank you for your help, Steph & Stephanie). Then it's on to all the fun DIY stuff. It's getting so close!

I'm loving that Jason and I will be going to Universal/Islands of Adventure on Saturday. An old co-worker of mine, called me because he had free tickets that needed to be used by the end of the month. So sweet of him!!

I'm loving that we discovered this gem of a restaurant right down the street from us. It was a New Orleans style restaurant, we felt like we were in NOLA. The live music, the food, the drinks. It was all so so good.
Yumm, Fried Pickles and a Goblet of Beer. :)

I'm loving these little beauties I found on Pinterest, it's never too early to start a birthday wish list - right?

Lastly, I'm lovvvvinng my boys, we had a fantastic weekend. That included this on Saturday night, Bailey boo's Rawhides weren't pictured!


  1. Stopping by from WILW- cute blog! And, yay for sending out out the save the dates- so exciting!

  2. Tibby's right?! I love that place! Probably one of my favorite places in Orlando!

  3. Enjoy all the wedding planning! The DIY stuff is the best part.