Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, how Pinteresting!!!

I'm changing it up a bit, and linking with Michelle for a Pinteresting Wednesday. Swing over to her blog to check it out!

I've decided to share my Wedding to-do list Pins for March. sooooo many things to get done!

Crafting Ideas: 

Or this version:


And, here are the dresses that I'd like to pick up

A white dress for my bachelorette party

 A gorgeous, yet simple dress for my rehearsal dinner.

Or, this beautiful lace number

Hope y'all are enjoying your extra day!! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My experience of Oscars Weekend

This weekend was AH-MAZING. We flew to LA on Thursday morning and headed straight to the W hotel. This Hotel pretty much sums up Hollywood - it's classic, swanky, and modern all in one!

This is the outside of the hotel!

Here's our Booth - Don't I look thrilled after traveling and setting it up! um, ew! We ended up moving that awful purple light because it was not at all flattering.

On Thursday night, we had a mixer and was able to meet the other vendors. After we met with them, we wandered down Hollywood Blvd and walked the "Walk of Fame"

We came across one of my favorites, so of course I had to snap a picture

Other things that happened in LA:

Other things that there aren't photographic evidence of (not yet, anyways). Having Cloris Leachman curse at me, being near an LA shooting, asked if we were hookers working on the street, getting lost a BAZILLION times, and looking like a zombie after my red eye flight. All in All it was a FANTASTIC trip. I'm so happy with my new position!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Hijack

Hiya sweet friends of Kate's!

Names Stephanie. Put 'er there.
(Can you ladies name the movie?)
I'm visiting from Living with Intention

Just like Kate, I hail from Orlando, FL. I've lived here my entire life - minus a quick 6 month stint in Cape Cod & 3-years in Tallahassee. But, Orlando has always been my safe place. If I have it my way, I'll live here for the rest of my life. In my eyes, this city is just that amazing.

I'm a graduate from The University of Central Florida where I studied Communications with a minor in Criminal Justice. 

Kate & I met when we were both working at a restaurant back in our college days. We both had the same majors and hit it off pretty quick. That was 3-years ago and now we're gearing up for her big day where I'll be standing up on the alter with her. That sounded weird, I'll be a bridesmaid - not the groom ;)

Here are some snapshots from a few of the fun times we've had together
While putting this together, I realized that Kate and I don't take many pictures of just the two of us. There is always at least one other person involved.

Note to self: In the future, kick those people out ;)

While Kate is at the Oscar's chattin' up celebs & making us all jealous, we thought it would be fun to takeover each other's blogs and play 10 facts!

So, here it goes...

1.) I'm the pickiest eater that I know, aside from my 3-year old cousin, and trust that it bothers me more than others. I would absolutely love to go to a restaurant and not special order, or practically create, my meal every time. It's annoying to the server and, quite frankly, it leaves my food rather plain.

I don't eat cheese, the smell of seafood makes me want to gag (minus shrimp, love my shrimp, as long as it's cooked,) there are very few veggies that I'll eat, and I'm not a fan of condiments. However, when I do like something, this sista doesn't leave anything left to be desired. I can eat more than most guys, which is both embarrassing and an accomplishment.

2.) My nephew is hands down, without a doubt in my mind, the most important person in my life. He just turned 2 back in January and he is the cutest thing since the invention of the teddy bear.

Am I right, or am I right?

Ah, love that kid more than words. He has brought more joy to my life than anything else for as long as I can remember. He is the only person who can make me forget about all my troubles. Maybe it's seeing life through a child's untainted eyes, but something about his presence is so soothing to me. One thing is for sure, I'm not taking a second of the time I have with him for granted. I'm cherishing every last moment of his innocence.

3.) I self diagnosed myself, although I'm sure anyone who knows me would agree, with a severe case of road rage. I absolutely, positively cannot stand people that can't drive. Well, not their morals and things or that nature, just can't stand when they are driving in front of me. I believe terrible drivers should have their own designated lane. That way they can only annoy other terrible drivers, and I can get to where I'm going without interruption. I know this sounds like 'woah is me' but seriously, sometimes I just don't get how certain people were ever issued a license.

This is not to be confused with Kate's bad driving. For the record through, she is a terrible driver. However, she doesn't slow up traffic. She is more of a self-inflicting reckless driver. She hits cones, garages, or things that just 'suddenly jump' in the way of her car. As long as you aren't bothering me, I have no bone to pick with you ;)

4.) I have an unhealthy obsession with celebrity gossip. I pride myself on knowing everything about every celebrity at any given time. I check TMZ, E news & Perez like it's my job. If only I could make a career out of it! My favorite actor, for obvious reasons, is Channing Tatum. I'm not saying he is the best actor, just the best looking ;)
Point proven.

5.) My camera is like a vital organ to me. Wherever I go, she follows. (Yes, my female is a lady, as is my car.) You never know when you're going to need more than words to capture a moment. My obsession started about 7-8 years ago. Only I wish it started much sooner, because I don't have as many photos as I'd like during my high school days, although I do have plenty. 

I don't own an iPhone, but I do own an iPad. If you can't tell, I've recently been introduced to Instagram and Diptic and I'm like a little kid in a candy store. I want to put all my photos in it and create some kind of masterpiece, even though they all look the same :)

6.) I We work for the most amazing company, aside from Google, ever! Where else do you get mimosas for breakfast on a regular basis, have beer on Fridays, random champagne celebrations, have people riding around the office on scooters, office corn hole, quarterly company parties and spirit week? That is just to name of a few of the perks for working for IZEA.

Our company specializes in connecting Advertisers with Publishers so they can monetize their social media presence.  Any bloggers that are interested can check us out at SocialSpark and all you Twitter fans can visit Sponsored Tweets to get started. That is somewhat of a lame plug, but I wouldn't make it up. It's a great opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side, and who can say they don't need extra cash? Definitely not I. 

7.) Unfortunately, I cannot get enough of crime shows. Snapped, Disappeared, ID investigate, Dateline, 20/20, E investigates, Nancy Grace, basically anything where I can learn every case of missing people or any type of court case. I watch these shows religious, which probably is one of the main reasons I'm so paranoid that I will one day be the victim. It's really a horrible thing to watch and trust me when I say that it kills me, especially when there are children involved, but I truly feel that the more I know, the more I can help. Whenever someone goes missing, I feel like I'm going to be the one to find them.

Realistically, that could have been the case with Caylee Anthony, but the day I was going to search, we were called off because of the rain. If we went to search that day, her body might not have been underwater for all that time and the cause of death would probably have been able to be determined. Something I always replay in my head.

I would love nothing more than to be an investigator for missing persons crimes, but I honestly don't think I could walk away from a case without it being solved, or let a suspect go free all because of not having more than circumstantial evidence. Basically, I don't think I would abide by the laws and would probably get fired on my first case.

8.) One of my dreams is to win the lotto. Shocker. Not only for myself, but I would have the opportunity to donate millions to St. Jude, Shriners and Arnold Palmer. These hospitals create miracles for children that are suffering and I wish I could give more than my measly $15 a month. One day, I hope I can give a lot more.

9.) Like any girl, I love to shop. My dream closet looks somewhat similar to this.
Keyword: dream

10.) I'm loving coral and teal tones for spring. What are some of your spring closet must haves come springtime?

Thanks for having me y'all!
(That was my lame attempt to sound like Kate)
I'm a relatively new blogger and I'm loving all the people I have met in this short period of time. I would love for you to be one of them, so please come check me out over at Living with Intention!

Now that I talked your ear off (it just doesn't have the same ring when I change to read your eyes off,) I'm going to leave you be!

Thanks again :)

xxo - Steph

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From the Oscars ------> To my Bridal Shower

I can't even express my excitement for this week/weekend! It feels like a surreal opportunity and I'm so excited to share the moments with y'all!

I'm heading to Los Angeles on Thursday to represent my company in a Celebrity gifting suite for the Oscars.

To back track a bit, 2 weeks ago I was given a promotion to Celebrity Relations. It's been a pretty busy jump in tasks, but extremely interesting. I really, reallly, REALLY love my new position, and the fact the my team is so awesome! Well Last week, our CEO sprung the Oscars on us and we obviously weren't going to say no!  By looking at the guest list from last year's gifting suite, I'm pretty sure (and extremely nervous) that we are going to have the opportunity to talk to Celebrities about our product! I can't wait! I'l be sure to update you on the happenings! I'm going to study everything I need to say, because this girl WILL get starstruck.

Our Event gets over Saturday at 7pm, and I begged requested to take the Red-eye home to make it in time for my Bridal Shower. My Flight lands at 7:10am, and my Bridal shower begins at 11:00am. Here's to no flight delays!

Spppeaking of my Bridal Showers. Take a peek at my invitation, my dear friend Wendy is hosting it for me and she had these this too-cute-for-words invites made!

I ran out on lunch today to pick up my dress. I've been wanting a Lilly Pulitzer dress for years now and never had to courage to spend the money for one. Jason picked up a giftcard for me for my christmas gift! Which leads to today being the first day I've owned a Lilly Dress. I couldn't be more happy!

Oh boy, I need to rush home to pack! Any one have clothing tips for me to bring to LA? I could sure use them!

Monday, February 20, 2012

And, here comes Wedding Season

On Saturday we attended one of my good friend's weddings. It is our first wedding of this year's wedding season. It's an exciting time. Especially because the next time I'll be with this particular "group" will be for MY wedding!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Muscat, aren't they adorable?

I've known Christy for years, we bonded in ninth grade over our obnoxious math teacher and our love for note passing.

My date is so handsome!

Christy's Maid of Honor/One of my bridesmaids

My Maid of Honor and me

I'm so happy for my dear friends, and I was so thankful to be able to celebrate with them!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Photo Fridays & $6 Manis!

I recently came across Shannon's adorable blog, and she's having a link up today. Swing by and check her out, while you're at it join me in her link up!

Page: Twenty-Two

Today's concept is "If you could transport yourself back to a moment in one of your favorite photographs which one would you choose today??

If I could, I would jump back in to this photo

Jason and I took a trip to Nashville last year (around Valentine's day), the entire trip was so much fun! It's without a doubt, my favorite city. We let loose and had a blast, it's a trip that I will always remember.

This particular picture is from the tour we went on. If you ever go to Nashville, please check out NashTrash Tours. These ladies are HYSTERICAL. They sing, They dance, you booze - it's amazing! They just loved Jason too and kept involving him in their routine.


On Tuesday I commented on one of my co-worker's nails. They were gorgeous! She told me they we're "press-ons"- Say WHHHATTTT?

She wasn't lying. I immediately went to Target that night and picked up these nails.

I had a bit of trouble with the glue at first. Once I got it going, they were SUPER easy to apply. These nails are thinner than "salon" nails, which makes them feel more natural to me. They are perfect for weekends or a night out,  but do last up to 7 days. Each pack is just under $6, but comes with 28 nails so it can last for two manicures!

I love them!

If they are still intact after this weekend, I'm going to try to paint them and see how they hold up!

Have a good weekend ladies!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bailey: The guard Puggle

This is my little baby, Bailey! Isn't he precious? Bailey earns his keep around the house by doing 3 important jobs.

1. "Mopping" the floors - he makes sure to get every last crumb.
2. Cockroach K.I. LLER - Jason and I both screech at the sight of them, but we live in Florida and unfortunately those dang Palmetto bugs are common. Bailey comes to the rescue by crushing them with this back!
3. Guard Dog - he's on a 24 hour surveillance of his home. 

Last night, around 1am, we were all sound asleep. Bailey was in his usual spots, under my covers and cuddle up to my legs. Everything was peaceful, until...

dun, dun, dunnnn

Bailey heard rustling in our backyard, which is currently covered in leaves. He jumped out of bed and started howling, there's that beagle side in him. This went on for what felt like forever. We finally were able to calm him down, and got him back on the bed. But, instead of of going back to his sleeping cave (under my covers, cuddled by my legs). He slept on Jason's bed, facing the back window and continued to growl (softly) at the window all night! Almost to let whatever it was outside, that he was letting his parents sleep, but was ready to start a war whenever they were! 

Or, at least that what I think....

Thanks for watching over us while we sleep Bails!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I awoke this morning, in a daze mind you, thinking it was pouring outside. I immediately thought how this would be horrible weather for our Picnic tonight. I forced my self out of bed and heading straight to my bathroom to start getting ready for work!

I finished getting with my lil' old beauty routine, and headed to my closet to find something Valentine-y to wear! I realized that Jason and Bailey weren't in the room, and I smelt BACON! It wasn't raining at all, just the sound of sizzling bacon! and, for the record - I love that sound.

Jason had gotten up early to make me breakfast before work. He made my favorite - Over easy eggs, bacon, sausage and one slice of wheat toast! He also had roses, a card, and champagne (for later) on the table

I'm so lucky to have him!

Happy Valentine's day! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Raves, Trucks, Movies and more

That's our weekend in a nutshell basically! We had an incredibly busy weekend, but got so much done. Here's a little recap.


This may of been the most empowering day of my life. I quit my second job, after months and months of dreading it. I just couldn't take the drama and didn't need the negativity it brought to me. Hooray for a a happier life, more freedom, and more time to do wedding stuff!

We had a BeeRave at my workplace. Basically, our whole office brought a 6-pack of beer and one of our co-workers DJ'ed.  So. much. fun.

After work, I met up with my lovely Steph for celebratory drinks for quitting!


We woke up early and headed out to the other side of town! We've been wanting to find a really old Truck to drive us away for our Wedding. I think we've found it! Perfect is an understatement!!

After we fell in love with a truck, I dragged Jason over to the movie theatre to catch the earliest possible showing of "The Vow". I honestly LOVED this movie. I was in tears the entire time. It was so endearing to see him try everything to keep his love alive. Jason didn't hate it, which means it was good in his terms! Win-Win.

Once the movie ended, we decided to check out Men's Wearhouse for his Tuxes. Unfortunately we didn't have that great of an experience. Besides the crowded store and the lack of knowledge by the associates - We came up empty handed because they didn't have a single Tux, Vest or Tie color that we liked. How is that possible? We're going to check around town for smaller tux rentals, this is basically what we're looking for - except Jason wants a bowtie.

Later on Saturday, we met up with my Cousin for her birthday Celebration. We went to Sloppy Taco Palace for dinner, and Scruffy Murphys for drinks!


We started our morning with crossing another item of our wedding to do list.

1st stop, Crate and Barrel! We rounded out our registries with this store. I loved EVERYTHING in this store, and was just zapping away. I love the plates and silverware we picked out, fingers crossed!

Once we left Crate and Barrel. We headed back to our side of town for another movie, SafeHouse! We needed to waste time for the Mall to open, and Jason really wanted to see this. It was so good!

We left the movie, and headed straight to the Mall. We picked up a friend's wedding gift and then decided to head to our jewelry store to check out their Valentine's Day sale. We were in luck, their sale was pretty awesome and we walked out with his wedding band! Well not technically, we walked out with a receipt while his band was getting sized. That boy has a size 14 finger, so it's going to take a few days!  I loved buying this, we're another step closer to the day!

Here's to a fabulous week!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday

Yup, that would be RB

We play her every Friday morning at the office, neva gets old! Did you know that she is only 14? I feel like that's crazy young.

I'm excited for the weekend! Tomorrow I have a bridal brunch party for one of my close friends. It's at an adorable restaurant in Winter Park - but, I won't be eating. 

After the Bridal Shower, I'm quickly changing out of my dress and hoping into island gear for the Jimmy Buffett Tailgate. A bunch of us go every year, This year we're skipping out on the concert and just Tailgating all day. Couldn't be more excited. Here is a few pictures from a couple of the tailgates from year's past!

anddddd, that's the man I'm marrying!

This year's tailgate should be a blast, I"m so looking forward to it!

I'm still participating in A photo a day.

Today's challenge was to take a picture of your hands! Y'all are in for a treat! nail unpainted + last minute idea = boring photo.

Today deserves a Thumbs up for 3 reasons!

1. Submitted my Taxes: Hello Tax-Refund... Let's pay off our HoneyMoon

2.  Had a little tasting for our Rehearsal Dinner. We're doing an I do BBQ. Jason's Mom and I met up this afternoon at our local BBQ place (best everrr!) and tried It wasn't really inline with my diet, but a small bite never hurt anyone. Right?

3. Reference that lil' video above - It's FRIDAY

Have a good weekend, ladies!