Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bailey: The guard Puggle

This is my little baby, Bailey! Isn't he precious? Bailey earns his keep around the house by doing 3 important jobs.

1. "Mopping" the floors - he makes sure to get every last crumb.
2. Cockroach K.I. LLER - Jason and I both screech at the sight of them, but we live in Florida and unfortunately those dang Palmetto bugs are common. Bailey comes to the rescue by crushing them with this back!
3. Guard Dog - he's on a 24 hour surveillance of his home. 

Last night, around 1am, we were all sound asleep. Bailey was in his usual spots, under my covers and cuddle up to my legs. Everything was peaceful, until...

dun, dun, dunnnn

Bailey heard rustling in our backyard, which is currently covered in leaves. He jumped out of bed and started howling, there's that beagle side in him. This went on for what felt like forever. We finally were able to calm him down, and got him back on the bed. But, instead of of going back to his sleeping cave (under my covers, cuddled by my legs). He slept on Jason's bed, facing the back window and continued to growl (softly) at the window all night! Almost to let whatever it was outside, that he was letting his parents sleep, but was ready to start a war whenever they were! 

Or, at least that what I think....

Thanks for watching over us while we sleep Bails!


  1. Omigosh! I just got SO creeped out when I saw this title!!! My puggle is named Bailey too! I was like "why is this weirdo writing about MY dog?" HAHAHAHA! :) Is there anything better than a puggle? Seriously!

  2. Ahh I have a puggle too, her,name is izzie and she also howls like a beagle...and sleeps under the covers :)