Friday, February 3, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday

Yup, that would be RB

We play her every Friday morning at the office, neva gets old! Did you know that she is only 14? I feel like that's crazy young.

I'm excited for the weekend! Tomorrow I have a bridal brunch party for one of my close friends. It's at an adorable restaurant in Winter Park - but, I won't be eating. 

After the Bridal Shower, I'm quickly changing out of my dress and hoping into island gear for the Jimmy Buffett Tailgate. A bunch of us go every year, This year we're skipping out on the concert and just Tailgating all day. Couldn't be more excited. Here is a few pictures from a couple of the tailgates from year's past!

anddddd, that's the man I'm marrying!

This year's tailgate should be a blast, I"m so looking forward to it!

I'm still participating in A photo a day.

Today's challenge was to take a picture of your hands! Y'all are in for a treat! nail unpainted + last minute idea = boring photo.

Today deserves a Thumbs up for 3 reasons!

1. Submitted my Taxes: Hello Tax-Refund... Let's pay off our HoneyMoon

2.  Had a little tasting for our Rehearsal Dinner. We're doing an I do BBQ. Jason's Mom and I met up this afternoon at our local BBQ place (best everrr!) and tried It wasn't really inline with my diet, but a small bite never hurt anyone. Right?

3. Reference that lil' video above - It's FRIDAY

Have a good weekend, ladies!

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