Monday, February 13, 2012

Raves, Trucks, Movies and more

That's our weekend in a nutshell basically! We had an incredibly busy weekend, but got so much done. Here's a little recap.


This may of been the most empowering day of my life. I quit my second job, after months and months of dreading it. I just couldn't take the drama and didn't need the negativity it brought to me. Hooray for a a happier life, more freedom, and more time to do wedding stuff!

We had a BeeRave at my workplace. Basically, our whole office brought a 6-pack of beer and one of our co-workers DJ'ed.  So. much. fun.

After work, I met up with my lovely Steph for celebratory drinks for quitting!


We woke up early and headed out to the other side of town! We've been wanting to find a really old Truck to drive us away for our Wedding. I think we've found it! Perfect is an understatement!!

After we fell in love with a truck, I dragged Jason over to the movie theatre to catch the earliest possible showing of "The Vow". I honestly LOVED this movie. I was in tears the entire time. It was so endearing to see him try everything to keep his love alive. Jason didn't hate it, which means it was good in his terms! Win-Win.

Once the movie ended, we decided to check out Men's Wearhouse for his Tuxes. Unfortunately we didn't have that great of an experience. Besides the crowded store and the lack of knowledge by the associates - We came up empty handed because they didn't have a single Tux, Vest or Tie color that we liked. How is that possible? We're going to check around town for smaller tux rentals, this is basically what we're looking for - except Jason wants a bowtie.

Later on Saturday, we met up with my Cousin for her birthday Celebration. We went to Sloppy Taco Palace for dinner, and Scruffy Murphys for drinks!


We started our morning with crossing another item of our wedding to do list.

1st stop, Crate and Barrel! We rounded out our registries with this store. I loved EVERYTHING in this store, and was just zapping away. I love the plates and silverware we picked out, fingers crossed!

Once we left Crate and Barrel. We headed back to our side of town for another movie, SafeHouse! We needed to waste time for the Mall to open, and Jason really wanted to see this. It was so good!

We left the movie, and headed straight to the Mall. We picked up a friend's wedding gift and then decided to head to our jewelry store to check out their Valentine's Day sale. We were in luck, their sale was pretty awesome and we walked out with his wedding band! Well not technically, we walked out with a receipt while his band was getting sized. That boy has a size 14 finger, so it's going to take a few days!  I loved buying this, we're another step closer to the day!

Here's to a fabulous week!

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