Friday, March 9, 2012

Another year older

Yesterday was my birthday and I was beyond spoiled by my friends, family and Jason. I couldn't be more thankful for the people I share my life with, they are amazing. The best part? Is that the celebrating hasn't ended... In true "me" fashion, I still have a birthday PARTAY planned for Saturday night at a Country Bar. It's the one time of the year I can drag our friends out to my kind of place. You're welcome, guys!

Originally Jason had a Basketball game scheduled for Thursday night, so he planned for us to go to dinner on Wednesday. Of course, just like during our engagement, I had to be a brat and ruin the original plans. He had planned all week to take me to this Steakhouse, and I gripped about it because I wanted to go somewhere more romantic and Steakhouse's are HIS thing (feel free to call me a bitch) 

I came home from work to find this on my Kitchen Table

Now these are some of my favorite things in the world. For starters, WINE! Flowers, Chocolate covered Strawberries AND a Red Velvet Cupcake! So sweet.  In the bag, was this beautiful watch

in LOVE.

Jason and I then got ready and headed to dinner. He drove to the steakhouse and as we waiting at the light in front of it, I said something that looking back I REALLLY regret

"So, on you're birthday can I take you to a place that I want to go?" 

His response:
"Sure, Like where babe? Luma"

He then drove past the Steakhouse and headed to Park Avenue where Luma is located. I felt so bad! I wish I could now say, We ate at Luma and it was amazing.

I can't.

Luma is completely beautiful inside. But as soon as we sat down and read the menu, I realized that I'm not this fancy. I'm not this kind of girl. I didn't know anything on the menu. And, I'm way to picky of an eater to be able to just pick at $30 Chicken entree with things that I can't even sound out. 

I wanted to be at the Steakhouse, and I made a big deal about it. I'm an Idiot! Jason just laughed it off, and we grabbed a glass of wine at Luma. Then we walked down the avenue to another restaurant, 310, and had a delicious meal. Followed by Chocolate covered Oreos and Cake Pops from my favorite chocolate shop.

It was delicious!

And, boy does he love me. Bless his heart.

The next morning I came to work, Chickfila in hand, to a festive birthday desk decorated by the sweet Stephanie!

Complete with a little birthday Crown, how cute!

For lunch my wonderful coworkers took me to a bar by our office that serves pretty much the best meal ever.

This plate of goodness is call the Big Kids Meal.  It's a Jumbo hotdog, chicken tender, Mac and Cheese, Fries and a Jello shot! And, let me telll you - It was ahhhh-mazing!

I ended my night with my family. This is probably one of the best birthdays I've had, I really felt so loved every minute of these past few days!

We're heading out to the fair tonight, hope y'all have a great weekend.


  1. Happy belated birthday! I'm dying for a MK watch like that! Lucky girl! I just discovered your blog and started following. I just started my own blog a couple of weeks ago and would love for you to follow back!


  2. YAY - I'm so glad you loved your birthday! & you're right.. this is the ONE time of year you can drag us out to a country bar. You know, I wouldn't feel so weird if you would just teach me a line dance or two. The only thing I know is cupid shuffle, soulja boy and the Maceranna. Those dances really don't make me feel like I belong in a country bar.

    None-the-less I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. I feel like we haven't had a night out together in ages. Don't forget your girls birthday dinner on Tuesday, too! :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! So funny, I have been the same way w/ BF...sometimes we just don't know what theyre up too haha! But sounds like you had FABULOUS day, so sweet how they decorated your office...and that watch...i die!!! have a wonderful birthday weekend bc who are we kidding your bday is just beginning bahahahah!

    Xo Kelly

  4. Happy belated birthday! Found your blog today and following now! What a perfect surprise waiting on you when you got home - love, love, love the MK watch!

  5. I loveee that watch! You're a lucky girl, and happy birthday!! :)

  6. happy belated birthday! I love your watch, and what you coworkers did to your desk! Very cute! :)

  7. Happy belated birthday! I love your MK watch :) Looks like a great birthday!


  8. Happy belated bday! Sorry I missed it! Looks like y'all had a fun day and LOVE your watch!