Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's OK Thursday

I need a little positivity in my life these past few days, so I've linked up with Neely and Amber this week for

Here we goooo

It's OK...

- That I feel like my life has been non-stop chaos. I guess that comes with wedding planning, full-time work and whatnot. I could really use an Adult Spring Break, yaknowwhati'msayingggg.

- that my beautiful phone was stolen by an taxi cab driver. Okay, I left it in the car, for 5 minutes when I ran inside my house to grab payments...but he STOLE it when he started lying to me and then turned it on at a taxi stand outside the airport 2 days later. Why is it okay? Because my co-workers are the and gave me a iphone 3g that we previously used for testing our Mobile App. It's basically a never before used 4 year old phone. It's definitely an adjustment from my 4s, but it's a phone. And at the end of the day it's a materialistic could of been MUCH worse.

(p.s. you suck taxi cab driver)

- that this week has been cray, because tomorrow is a short day for me at work. We're heading out early to drive down to Jupiter, FL for one of Jason's good friend's wedding. It's a 100% Irish wedding on St. Patrick's Day. Basically it's going to be FUN!

Say HI to Josh and Katie!

- that I have a HUGE urge to do some retail therapy. There are so many cute things hitting the stores for spring. I cancelled my debit card after my phone was stolen (he swiped my card and I didn't want him stealing that too). Once I get it back, I have some online shopping to take care!

-That I'm starting to have a dislike for Tumbler blogs, or maybe I'm just stupid. Here me out though, I see TONS of adorable stuff on pinterest. Clothes, bathing suits, purses, etc. I pin them and get so excited about going to look at HOW much it costs and HOW fast I can get my hands on it....only to find out it's linked back to a Tumbler blog and I can even purchase it. Seriously, I get crushed as though my whole world has been taken away. 

It happened with this ADORABLE bathing suit, that Steph posted:

It just linked back to this (adordable) Tumbler blog. Now, again...this just may be user error on my part. Does anyone know how to link back to the original site from a tumbler blog? I need to find this suit!

Are y'all getting excited for the weekend? I can't wait to be relaxing on the beach, attend an amazing wedding, and feel like I'm on vacation!


  1. I hate that a stupid person was...well... Stupid! You deserve some shopping after that! Hope the wedding is fun!

  2. wahhhh i wish we had adult spring breaks too!!! kids in school have no idea how lucky they are haha! have a wonderful weekend!

    xx Kelly

  3. YaY - you found it! But it's sold out :( Boo! I bet that if that Tumblr blog didn't suck, you would have found it soon enough!