Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little Loving on this beautiful Wednesday

Today is a beautiful day in Florida, and I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm linking up with Jamie for a little Wednesday LOVE fest.

After my Monograms & Mimosa's bridal shower, I've been seriously LUSTING over new monograms goodness. I LOVE Marley Lilly - so here is a little Marley Lilly edition of What I'm loving today!

I'm loving these everyday essentials from Marley Lilly.

1. This crossover bag is just adorable! It is so classic and can go with any outfit- day or night. Which I love. In Florida, we're all about the "casual" lifestyle. This can take my normal everyday wear of jeans and flipflops a bit more upscale.

2. I don't know if you ladies read Miss Pink LouLou, but she blogged about Marley Lilly's INGENIUS cell phone case that is also a card holder. HELLO? How do they come up with this stuff. Most of the time I just grab my phone, ID and Card when I'm running errands but inevitably leave them my card and ID in the back pocket of my jeans. Let me tell you, it's rather embarrassing to be without card and ID when trying to purchase your wine. 

3. I'm lovvvvving this weekender bag, It's beyond perfect for short trips to the beach!

4. My Kitchen NEEDS this cutting board, how cute is this? Maybe I'll become a little bit more domesticated with my monogrammed cutting board. 

5. Ladies, I have been LUSTING over this necklace for about a year now. I'm secretly hoping that Jason will catch my hints and get it for me for a little Wedding Present. Fingers Crossed!

I'm loving that Florida weather is getting beautiful, and we are in the process of cleaning up our back yard for Pool Parties! PLUS, we'll be heading to JAMAICA for our Honeymoon in July. Marley Lilly has the cutest Beach/Pool item. 

I'm loving this beauties:

1. Monogrammed Wayfarers - SHUT UP! These are so perfect for everyday styles and beach days. I've got to keep my blue eyes shaded.

2. I have been seeing these floppy hats everywhere, I would love to have one while I sip skinny margs. by the pool.

3. Another Genius item from Marley, chase lounge covers. So cute!

4. I'm mildly obsessed with these 6 pack coolers! Perfect to just bring a few down to the beach and lounge.

5. This bathing suit is perhaps the most perfect bathing suit for my honeymoon! Dontcha think?

6. Another perfect cooler for the beach or tailgate. I need a cooler that I can roll!

7 & 8. These would just be perfect to have around the house. Jason and I love to have company over so a beverage tub is a fun little touch when entertaining. We actually collect koozies, and a lot of times our friends run off with them. Having a Monogrammed koozie may just be the PERFECT way to ensure I'll get it back!

I think I'm going to head over there and purchase some items I added to my cart this morning! Kind of like a little birthday present to myself! Let me know what you're favorite items are... I think I found Jason's


  1. I love that clutch and overnight bag. I mean, on the real though, that bag would never fit all of my overnight necessities, but it is a perfect addition to my luggage ;)

    & I do agree that you NEED that cooler, perhaps to hold our Mimosas for soccer on Sunday :)

  2. I WANT ALL OF THAT!! We have the same taste in ALL THE LAND OF MONORGRAM!!!! I am lusting over a monogrammed necklace soooo bad

  3. i want it all....i love floppy hats i found a fabulous one at TARGET! does your man read your blog? he'll know to get you that necklace now! bahaha!

    Xo Kelly

  4. I have the ML floppy monogrammed hat and love it! I brought it on our honeymoon to Hawaii and California. It's perfect for the beach or pool!