Friday, March 30, 2012

Meal Planning and other Randoms

It's been a week without blogging for me - I've realized two things.

1. I'm absolutely the WORST about uploading pictures from  my digital camera. I have so many great ones from last weekend (err, and the weekend before) but after a long day staring at my work monitor I just can't seem to jump on my home computer. Side note: I can't seem to get them to upload on my work computer - anyone have any ideas? It's a mac.

2. I officially can't blog without personal pictures. I have all these great things to say, but it just doesn't seem fun without a picture or two thrown in. Maybe I'll get the itch to upload them tonight.

On to Meal Planning...

Do any of you Ladies do this? Jason and I thought it would be a great way to organize our grocery list, stay on a Low-carb diet, and think about defrosting the meat ahead of time. The latter is that MAIN reason. We decided to start off with 4 - 5 meals a week, because we're hardly ever home every night in the week. 

I downloaded this adorable printable from this cute blog

 Pretty Organization makes everrrrrything better, right?

We went through all of my food pins, to find a few recipes that we can add to our collection of Low-Carb recipes. Here are our picks for next week.

As well as one of our favorite go to recipes:

Is it weird that I'm SO happy to get some routine in our lives? We have always had hectic schedules, and things are finally starting to settle down for us (except for the fact that I haven't been home before 9:30pm this week)

Share with me some of your meal planning tips, or if you have any low carb recipes. I needz those!

Speaking of delicious food, I'm off to a Finger Foods Lunch Potluck at work. We have a "Cool Kids" party planning commitee and decided to all bring in Pinterest inspired finger foods for each other. Look at these yummy Mini Shepard's Pies that I may (totally low carb, right?)


  1. I stumbled onto your blog and read in your little "about me" that you have a puggle and I had to search around until I found a picture...Bailey's so cute! I have a puggle (Yoshi) and it's crazy how different they look (I think Yosh must have more pug in him).
    I think planning meals is a HUGE help. Before we go grocery shopping, I always pick 2-3 meals to make during the week and figure out which ingredients I need.
    Hope your meal planning works out well!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  2. I just pinned the lemon chicken dish! Doesn't it look so good? We also meal plan. It definitely helps!