Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bridal Talk Tuesday - Part 2 of Wedding Crafts

Hey Hey Hey! I figured I'd join in on this Bridal Talk linkup to share the rest of my craftin' weekend. Thank you so much for your kind words about my cardbox and invitations, you ladies made my heart sing. Seriousssssly, thank you!

My next set of crafts was an "easy" one, I worked with a fabulous etsy designer, ReplybyDesign,  to put together some fun paper products. I must of drove her crazy with my descriptions of the coral we're using. WHO knew that there could be soo many shades of coral. For the record, as it turns out "our" coral is a touch pinker than most corals...or something like that. I basically ended up sending a picture of Steph in the bridesmaid dress and it worked. Score!

The package I bought included:
Guest Book Sign
Reserved Signs for the Family Tables
Ispy sign
Drink Flags

Her are some of her sample packages that I just adore, did I mention she's AMAZING?

Here are my signs - in action.

Our Guestbook Sign

I just bought a super cheap Target Acrylic Frame. This will be accompanied on our Sign in table, with a burlap guest book that I'm just waittttting patiently to be delivered.

Reserved Sign

This are in the Ikea Tolsby frame - so they are double sided. They will be placed on our Family and Bridal Party tables since we are doing open seating.


 I just love this idea. Everyone brings their cameras and phones to weddings - this just encourages them to use them. I'm planning on getting a few more Tolsby frames to add these to all of our tables.

Last but not least, my favorite thing is:

Drink Flags
For these little beauties - I just ran to HobLob and picked up the slim wood sticks (I think that's the technical name). It was $3 for a pack of 125, unfortunately I wanted to do 200 and they only had one pack. So I'll be making a second trip later this week to pick up another set. 

I hot glued the stick to the inside center crease and then used the roller double sided glue/tape thingmabob and glue the paper flags together. Super time consuming but Super Easy. Promise!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Looks great!!!!!!! :) Little hand crafted details are the absolute best!

  2. I just found your blog through Bridal Talk Tuesday! New follower. These ideas are all so great - I love the simplicity of them!


  3. These look great!! How many days til the big day!?

  4. Thanks so much for linking up!!! I am loving all your crafting! The I spy is so smart - such a great way to get some fun pictures of the day from all your friends! xo