Monday, April 9, 2012

A Wedding Craftin' Weekend

The 3-day Holiday weekend provided me with a bunch of time to get down to some Wedding Crafts. I loveeee doing Arts and Crafts, and for some reason I have done them in a really long time, therefore I was nervous about taking on these projects. After picking up some essential crafting supplies I was ready to knock some things off my list.

I'll share a bit of them today

Friday started off with addressing our invitation envelopes, now I know this doesn't quite qualify for a craft...but it took me FOUR hours and I'm think it's blog-worthy.

I wanted the look of a calligrapher, but without actually having to "hire" one. Now...I LOVE calligraphy but just couldn't justify paying for it - especially when it's one of the first things people throw away. OUCH! I found this pin and thought It might be the perfect route to take:

Right up until I actually tried doing this. I tested it out on a few cheap-o business envelopes that I had lying around...and it just wasn't "it". I'm blaming it on the pen I was using, and I wasn't about to change out of my PJs to go to the craft store for the 3rd time that week. On to plan B - I searched the internet for pretty (and free) fonts and stumbled across this one from

I messed around with more business-sized envelopes until I found the size that was appropriate. Then traced the envelope on to about 5 pieces of paper to work on the placement and centering of the address (Yes, I'm a teeny bit OCD)

After printing 100 of them, here are a few of the finish products - I LOVE them (Disclamer: I apologize for the horrible and grainy iPhone 3 pic - I forgot to take a picture until this morning)

A few of us are assembling the invitations this Thursday and hopefully I'll be getting them out at the end of April. I still need stamps - shucks!

Later on Friday night, Jason and I made a Pinterest-inspired Dinner and then his momma came over to help me with a Pinterest-inspired Cardbox. Gosh, how did we LIVE without Pinterest?

Here's a quick peak at our dinner.

We had Cuban Flank Steak, Roasted Zucchini and Crystal Light Style Margaritasss. YUM

Right after Dinner, Jason's Mom came over to help me with the Cardbox. She is the QUEEN of beautiful wrapping, y'all. So when I came across this Cardbox....I knew she would be able to nail it.

no direct link.

I bought the supplies at HOBLOB (40% off for the burlap) - the boxes aren't pictured because I had to go back for a second trip, but they are just Paper Mache boxes

As I'm sure you already know, I'm horrible about remembering to take pictures and I'm not famous enough (yet) to have the paparazzi following me around. It  doesn't dawn on me to document things until it's too late. 

Here's the finished Cardbox

I LOVE it. It just makes my heart sing. Basically...boxes were cute, then wrapped, glued together. Then we added Pearls, Ribbon, a pretty Flower and a little sign. It took a while, but it was

Okay...That's enough craft-talk today. I'll show you some more tomorrow. I've been so giddy today, seriously so happy!  I've won my first ever blog giveaway prize from this AMAZING blog and I'm SO excited to tell you ladies that it's a blog makeover. The designer doing the makeover has some beautiful work, I'm beyond thrilled. eeeeeeeek! Check out Cherry on Top Blog Designs, you won't be sorry! Thank you girls for making my month!

  It's got me thinking about a possible name change, because let's face it - in less than 3 months I won't be wedding planning any more. I'll just be living my little ol' life. I need help brainstorming on blog names. If you have any suggestions send them my way!


  1. How DID we ever live without Pinterest? I ALSO addressed my wedding invitations this weekend:) My calligraphy pen dried up when I had 12 left to do - just my luck!

  2. Love Love Love the Card box!!!! It's gorgeous and so very PIN worthy!!!!

  3. Ooo everything looks great! Love the invite envelopes!

    Xo kelly

  4. So crafty, new follower :)

    Ashton from

  5. ok really...could that card box BEEEEEE any more perfect???? Really...I LOVE it!!

  6. I really want to copy your card box haha that's adorable!!!! Congrats on the blog makeover winning- that's exciting!!!

  7. Like everyone else, LOVE the card box! Great blog!