Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend in Photos

Well....somewhat. You see, I did happen to remember to take photos this weekend - I just happened to leave the camera in my momma's car. We're left with Iphone 3 pictures, not tooo bad!

Let's start with Thursday, since it was pretty groundbreaking. My Mom, Jason's Mom and Sis, and my MOH came over to help me assemble invitations. It took us all of 3 hours, but they are beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for. yipee! We'll be mailing them out next week - and then I'll post a picture for you to see! :)

On Friday, we headed over to the beach after work. Jason came home a bit late from work, so I tackled another project while I waited.

This is an inspiration from Pinterest - I picked up all the supplies at good ol' HOBLOB:

You'll need:
Wooden Frame
Foam Board
Chalkboard Spray
Chalk (I used Pens)

I spray painted the foam board about 3 times (once a night), then on friday I measured the inside of the frame to cut foam board to shape. Now, I'm either a horrible measurer or a horrible cutter - either way, I had to do this process 3 times to get the right size. I think just hot glued the form board to the frame. That's it! 

I then wrote my little saying onto the Chalkboard and added the scroll on the bottom, it's used on our invitations! I plan to use this post-wedding in our kitchen for a little home decor. 

Saturday and Sunday was spent at our favorite beach, the Oceandeck in Daytona, and poolside at my mom's house.

Hope you had a great weekend, too! :)


  1. This looks awesome!! You did such a great job! Can't wait to see how all your wedding details come together!:)

  2. This looks so great! I may be stealing this idea!


  3. oh my goodness. what kind of dog? i'm in love. that face!