Monday, April 2, 2012

Wine, Relaxation and a lil' Country

Wine and Relaxation prettttty much sums up my lovely Weekend. After two weekends of acting like we were 21 year olds - Jason and I decided to take this weekend off. We pinky promised ourselves when we were hungover last Sunday to not go out this weekend. It worked :)

On Friday, we had dinner and a few beer-ritas at one of our Favorite Spots, Ruby Tuesdays. I know it sounds cheesy, but their Salad Bar is amazing! For that, we love it! Orlando is pretty much 80% chain restaurants, but this particular restaurant is one that we still really enjoy. 

After a few of these bad boys - we decided to rush across town to catch a movie.

Our movie plans quickly foiled because of these few things:
1. Stopped at a Gas Station to pick up wine for the movie (They didn't sell wine- WHHHHATTT)
2. Begged Jason to stop at another gas station and assured him that they would definitely have wine (They didn't - how is that possible??)
3. Got to the movie, 5 minutes late, only to find out the movie we wanted to see was sold out! :(

We felt defeated and decided to go home.

Saturday we woke up, and decided it was time for a little spring cleaning. This included bug bombing our house to fight the little critters that like to come in from rainy, muggy, and HOT Florida Summer. We grabbed Bailey and brought him to my mom's house. Headed to breakfast, went to see 21 Jumpstreet, and hit up HobLob for some Wedding Crafts. 

This is for our Card Box,  I just need a few Paper Mache boxes to be able to make a custom one. We were lucky enough to get caught in a rainstorn just as we were leaving HobLob. It didn't seem to rain on Bailey's parade....

Our Sunday was also nothing special, just a little family time and nice dinner at Outback. We finished off our weekend with the ACMs - did you get a chance to watch them?

First of all, Carrie Underwood is FLAWLESS. I was so glad that she opened the show. Just take a look at her

I'm so happy that Blake and Miranda won quite a bit of awards this show, they deserve it. And, how about Blake announcing her performance "Miranda Lambert Shelton" it just melted my heart. LOVE them.

and, HOW cool is Steve Martin..

My Dad has played the Banjo in a Bluegrass band ever since I was in Middle School. We had a few Earl Scruggs posters around our house, so the mini-tribute they gave him and this performance was really special to me. While I never particularly "liked" my Dad, I've always had a deep appreciation of Bluegrass music. It's something that always reminds me of my blissful childhood.

What did y'all think of the ACM's?
That's pretty much it for my Weekend! I'm ready for this upcoming 3-day Weekend 


  1. Your weekend looks like fun! Love the pics. Also, totally agree-- Carrie is amazing! And I love Miranda and Blake :)

  2. Looks like you had a blast this weekend! I know the feeling about going out.. 2 weekends in a row and I need a break for like 6 months. (okay, maybe not that long lol) I didn't watch the ACM's last night but wish I did!

  3. You never told me about 21 Jumpstreet. Did you just love it?

  4. i love me some Carrie..not sure why her hubby wasn't there!

  5. YES! I loooove Carrie Underwood! And your weekend sounds like it was SO great :)

  6. what are your thoughts on ashton kutchers outfit at the awards & what miranda said about it? i think ashton looked like a dumbass!

    xx Kelly