Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Lonnnng Short Week

Does anyone else feel like this "short" week is taking forever? 

I woke up yesterday POSITIVE that it was Thursday, confused why Jason left so early for his class. Excited that I had girl's night.  Then 11am hit... and I realized it's in fact Wednesday. I'm just ready to get to the weekend and do nothing.

Luckily for me - I have something to get me through the fact that I still have another workday until the weekend. Later this evening, I have a girl's night planned with three very AWESOME ladies.

Look how beautiful they are! 

Our plans for this evening are exciting! Here's what we'll be doing:

I can't WAIT!

Who doesn't love girl's night?


  1. Doing nothing is so important and for some reason I'm very very good at it. I'm about the happiest person you'll ever meet. Have a wonderful girls night and take comfort in the fact that tomorrow really is Friday!

  2. Hope y'all have a fab time! I love girls night!! Xo