Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Love Love Loving

I need a little positivity lately, so I'm linking up with Jamie for a little Loving!

I'm loving Carrie's album, I've been streaming it on Spotify I just LOVE this girl

I'm loving that Cinco De Mayo is right around the corner, only 3 more days. We're having a pool partay at our house during the day. Complete with these two must haves.

I'm loving that my Wedding shoes finalllllllly came. Those suckers took a month to get to me, but they are gorgeous..just taller than they originally stated hopefully it doesn't mess up my dress too much.

On that note, I'm loving that I had my first fitting last Friday. It went great - my lovely friends and mama came. Then we tailgated in the parking lot to celebrate. Wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm loving these pretty and inspiration pins on Pinterest. They just give me so much joy!!

I'm loving that I was actually tweeted at by a Celebrity, but he used the twitter handle on my business cards (which I pre-maturely changed over to my soon-to-be name so that I didn't have to order new ones this year). Is it okay to officially switch over to that new twitter handle now?

Lastly, I'm loving my little "family" of Jason and Bailey, he's been EXTRA cuddly lately. 



  1. These are all so great, and your shoes are fabulous!


  2. I'm dying to listen to the new Carrie album!
    And I love your shoes!

  3. Ok, that's it... I'm going to buy Carrie's cd tomorrow!! ha:) New follower over from the link up! Hope ya have time to check mine out too!!!

  4. I love Carrie's new album, hands down best one yet!

  5. Love your new layout!!! Head over and check my blog post out from yesterday! There is an awesome quote included on it that I think you would enjoy! It may lift your spirits too!! Cheer up buttercup!! You've got lots of exciting things happening - like getting married!!! Keep smiling and thinking of that perfect day when you finally get to marry your Mr. Perfect ;) xoxo!!!