Friday, June 15, 2012

Keep it on the hush

Today, I have a question for you ladies. 
When did you feel comfortable openly talking about your blog?

Blogging is something I started for me to document my journey over our engagement, and then I decided a few months ago to keep it up past our wedding. Which is why I decided to go ahead and change over the name to something a bit more general.  I've just passed my 100th post (yipee) and I'm started to feel a bit more confident in my "blogger" title.

SOME of my close friends know about le blog, all in all it's probably about 10 people. That is as far as I have felt comfortable with. I've been asked by co-workers before (I work at a Blog/Social Media Company) but I haven't said that I have a blog. Although, a part of me is thinking I should - just to start doing fun campaigns. It really just isn't something I'm comfortable with disclosing. I feel like this blog is  a little private to me at the time, and quite honestly...I'm scared of being judged.

Is there a point that you felt comfortable enough to share your blog with other people? Or just generally talk openly about it? 

It's weird, but I feel like I'm almost living a double life.  My real-world life, with my friends, family and all that jazz. And, then my little circle of blog friends - it's like a nice little house in the pleasantville where everyone is encouraging and helpful.  Plus, let's just mention that it's REALLY nice to have an outsiders opinion on things like pinatas and mean girls.

Sorry for the short and random post today, but I really can't wait to hear your thoughts! 

Have a great weekend :) 


  1. It took me a couple months to even tell my husband about my blog. He's the only person I know in real life who knows. I like having my space for me. I think I'd write the blog differently if people knew. So, I guess I know where you're coming from!

  2. I talk open about my blog but it seems no one cares about it IRL. They say they will check it out, but then they don't. So its totally up to you. I love that no one IRL reads it. I love my blog family and don't need IRL people to tell me that they like my blog.


  3. I haven't really told anyone IRL about my blog. Mostly because I like having the total me space. I think it would help me have more material though (pictures, etc) if I was more open about it. It's my internal debate right now.

  4. I'm the same way! My mom and best friend knows I blog, but thats about it. I think girls my age would think it was weird because they've never read one and some people think blogs are only for moms or tech geeks. If it comes up in conversation I'll talk a little about mine, I just feel kind of awkward. It's nice to have this little double life though:)

  5. I was JUST thinking about this the other day! When I write on my blog I just say random stuff, and usually I only share it because I know people that read blogs are more then likely like me! AND They like reading other peoples random posts, but sometimes someone in real life will tell me, "Oh I read your blog!" and I'm like what!?! I didn't even know! It's kinda weird because then I have to think oh shoot they know this and this and this because I've posted it on my blog. Such an interesting question.