Thursday, June 14, 2012

My arch nemesis - The Sweet Tooth

When I saw this on Facebook today, I just laughed out loud. It's so me

You guys. I have a serious problem with sweets. I crave them at all hours, and pretty much every day!

Please tell me someone out there has the same "problem". I guess the sweet tooth itself isn't necessarily a problem, it's the fact that I should be somewhat dieting for my wedding (haven't been able to stick to one this whole year). Or the fact that too much of a good thing, is bad for you.

Last night after dinner, I BEGGED Jason to take me to the nearest Froyo place. I'm usually stocked with icecream at the house, but last night we were out.

It probably had something to do with a few mornings that started like this:
(that may of may not of been before the sun came up)

Thank goodness, I'm not much of a baker...Things could get bad.

Do you guys have any constant cravings? Do you cave to them, or fight them? I need to start learning ways to curb my cravings....but Frozen Yogurt is just so dang good.

so good.

In other news, It's Jason and I's 4 year anniversary (and last dating anniversary) today. We really didn't plan on celebrating it this year with all the other stuff going on. But who knows, maybe we'll get some dinner (and dessert) :)

Happy Anniversary baby!



  1. I'm a huge sweet tooth. I eat a pop tart for Breakfast every day for heaven's sake. I just go for it when I have a sweet craving otherwise I can't think of anything else. Have a great last dating anniversary!

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