Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving!


It's Wednesday, and I've got a little love in my heart. I'm linking up with Jamie today

I'm loving that there is only 10 more "work" days for me this month. Then it's wedding & honeymooning. My butt will be parked here, don't you worry

I'm loving My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. I'm mean like obsessed. Have y'all seen this shower? I was literally crying from laughing so much. I mean, not only did her dress light up, or that her crown was 20 lbs, but she was marrying her first cousin. I think I've found my new favorite TV show.

I'm loving that my hair/makeup trial went great! She was really understanding and super amazing! I think we pretty much nailed it - and by "we" I obviously mean her. My job was to drink wine and chat, which I guess I pretty much nailed that too.

Sorry it's blurry, isn't she adorable though?

I'm loving that after 27 years, I'm actually starting to like vegetables. I've been forcing myself to eat them with almost every meal, and I've finally found a few ones that I like. If you have any delicious veggie recipes, send them my way!

I'm loving these cute outfits from Pinterest - I need to go shopping for jamaicaaa.

I'm loving my favorite little end of the day treat - Suri's Burn Book. Please do your self a favor and check it out here!

What are you loving today? link up with us!



  1. Your hair looks so great. I'm glad you liked it! Jamaica sounds so nice. I'm a whole different person when I'm near the water.

  2. I love every one of those outfits you posted! I need to go shopping for Vegas!!

  3. LOVE those outfits you've pinned. All of them are super cute :)

  4. I am loving all this wedding talk FOR you!! OMG so so SO excited for you!! Your hair looks!!!

  5. I'm obsessed with all of the gypsy shows! I don't know what it is but I just can't stop watching them!

  6. The fact that her family saw it as "no problem" that she was marrying her first cousin, but was highly upset they were "living together before marriage" made me want to puke. I mean seriously! Get ur shiz straight. Oh and let's not even mention how trashy they sound when they open their mouths. EEEK gross!