Monday, June 11, 2012

The WHAT state?

Let me let y'all in on a little secret about Florida.
No. It's not that we are over filled with zombies and other crazies, that's already pretty well know. 

This little secret is in regards to our moniker "The Sunshine State",  It's wrong in the summer time. Or, maybe it's just that no one informed the weather gods of this little title. Someone really should.

 It's been raining bucket loads here and lightening like whoa. 
Which probably has something to do with why we're also the lightening capital of the US 
Those two titles conflict, do they not?

Anyways, I don't have any cute pictures to show you from this weekend. When I did leave the house, I ended up looking like a wet dog. My BIG weekend home alone consisted of:
Watching Armageddon Three times 
(only one time all the way through, I fell asleep the first two times)
Washing and Folding an obscene amount of Laundry
Final Dress Fitting 
Finishing 50 shades Freed
A marathon of Say Yes to the Dress
A low-key night out on Saturday with my girls
and, A Sams shopping trip with mama

Pretty Spectacular, right?

Jason did make it home, in one piece, last night. Thank you JESUS! Now we're just in the home-stretch of the wedding - Only two more "weekends", isn't that how we technically define our time.

So, Florida, please please please get this rain outta the way. Capiche?

Tell me about your weekend? It had to be more thrilling than mine!


  1. Glad Jason made it home in one piece!!

  2. My new husband and I just left. We were in St. Pete for our honeymoon...we had great weather the first three days then rain, rain, rain....