Friday, July 27, 2012

Dearest Friday

Hey Girls!
It's our favorite day of the week.  I'm ready for a weekend of nothingness (and wine!)


Dear Bank Account, ew. I can't stand looking at you. Can you please add some zeros to your current number. You're really upsetting me lately.

Dear "boo", I don't know how or when you infiltrated into my vocabulary. But I'm liking you. Don't leave anytime soon.

Dear Kids in this picture, you have an awesome dog...and I'm jealous. This made me laugh for a while this morning.

Dear Facebook "politicians", please stop! I get enough political garbage in my mail already. I don't need to hear about you while I'm busy stalkin' people. You're taking over my newsfeed, and all those "facts", videos, and articles you post won't change my mind. I'm pretty headstrong, and educated in Politics. I just don't feel the need to share. 

Dear Chickfila, You're catching a lot of flack lately. Did no one realize you were a Christian organization?  I guess they never pulled up to Chickfila on Sunday, hungover, only to find out you were closed. Don't worry, there's nothing coming between me and your Chicken Minis. 

Dear future little baby girls, Please be prepared for monogrammed everything, tutu's and cowboy boots. Now that the wedding is over, Pinterest is giving me baby fever - but that's not happening for a few years.

Dear Jason,  you seriously are the best there ever was. You treat me like a queen, even when I'm a royal -you know what.  And you crack me up when you use hashtags in your texts. 

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  1. Your note to Chickfila? Yeah, I think I love you.

  2. Nothing could ever keep me from my Chickfila!! Never!! And your note to your bank account - I have one too!

  3. CUTE blog and CUTE pix! LOVE IT! I can't wait to read more :)

  4. love your letters (especially the chickfila one) and those pictures are future daughters will dress like that too :)