Monday, July 9, 2012

oh HEY, Remember Me?

I'm so sorry that it has been a while.

Let's do a quick catch up sesh, and then I'll go into more details throughout the month.

You in?

My work is awesome, and threw me an adorable bridal shower. The theme? "Kate's Last Rodeo". Haha, they know me SO well.

It was complete with Cake, Mason Jars, Koozies, Sweet Tea Vodka, a Newlywed game and last, but not least...they gifted me with PINK COWBOY BOOTS.
so awesome.

Friday was our Rehearsal and our Rehearsal dinner. I've talked a bit about our inspiration and our pinata (yes, pinata). I was a bit worried, but it turned out PERFECT. Here's some sneak peek pictures

Of course, the next day was our wedding. My dear friend, bridesmaid, and little papparazo girl,  Steph did a fantastic recap with her pictures.. check it out here

Until we get the photographs back,  here's an "pre-wedding" instagram picture. :)

And on Sunday, we headed off to Jamaica.

I can't wait to share everything in detail with you guys! Thank you so much for being one of my support teams throughout this past year.


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