Monday, July 16, 2012

Ohh, Monday.

you suck.
you really do.
I needed one more day of nothingness! When can we start having 4-day work weeks? Someone should put that on their political agenda - I'd vote for ya! 

I wish I could report that I had an awesome weekend, and did a whole bunch of super fun things. But you know what the truth is?
I'm 27 years old, and I drank quite a bit on Friday,  
enough to wipe me out for the WHOLE Weekend. Is that pathetic or what?

What possessed me to start drinking double vodka sodas with 2 limes at 1pm in the afternoon! Well it was our company bowling tournament. Andddd, of course being a crazy company, this isn't just any bowling tournament. We have teams, and costumes, and prizes. 

This is my team, Team "Blue Balls" 

We clearly won best costume, that wasn't even a question. When you cover your face in paint, you're more likely to win. Fact. We also announced our Rockstar of the Quarter, kind of like Employee of the quarter. I won Rockstar/employee of the month in June...right before I left for my wedding. Our entire office gets to vote for the Rockstar of the Quarter - and I was so so so shocked to "win" I seriously love the people in this office!

Saturday and Sunday was spent cuddling with the boys and watching movies. I FINALLY got enough energy on Sunday to go out and order my bridesmaid dress for Steph's wedding.

Can't wait for her big day!


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