Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Morning lovelies. I've been craving routine and normalcy this past week. Don't get me wrong, Vacations are AMAZING. But, I live by schedules. I figured the best way for me to jump back into blogger normalcy is to participate with one of my favorite link-ups!

I'm loving...That I'm married, duh! It's really been amazing. Everything was so surreal and so so SO perfect! Jason and I have been on cloud 9 ever since.

Along those lines - I'm loving my amazing group of friends and bridesmaids. Seriously, God could not of blessed me with a better group of girlfriends. They made everything so special for me. 

I'm loving that today is 7/11, which means it's FREE SLURPEE day at 7/11. If you don't love this day, there is something seriously wrong with you. Steph and I are hittin' it up on lunch today. Super normal work chat, right?

I'm loving that this week is technically a three day week for me!  I took Monday off to recoup from the honeymoon and this Friday is our Quarterly Loco - which means we party. This month we're doing a bowling tournament and all dressing up! Should be fun!!!

I'm loving that I slept in an extra 20 minutes - all thanks to my little maxi dress today. Seriously makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. AND hides the fact that I haven't shaved my a few days.  

I'm loving that Zac Brown Band is coming to Orlando in October!!!! Tickets go on sale on Friday and we're dying to go 
(side note - this is from after our rehearsal dinner, we danced the night away at a Country Bar)

What are YOU loving? Go link up with Jaimie and share with us



  1. So glad we made it back before it started to pour. Too bad we didn't get to go one more time due to the rain!

  2. love the cute pics!


    have a good night!

  3. Catching up on blogger!!'re married!!!! You looked beautiful and I am OBSESSED with your bridesmaids dresses....gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more:)

  4. Omg so i know this is a totally random and odd question but what Chat Messenger do you guys use at work? Ive been researching chat messengers for my company all day today and i like the clean look of yours!! Thanks in advance honey!!
    xoxo Inna :)