Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carefree in Savannah

ello, there. 
Why am I always a day late on Monday's post? It's almost like I'm still pretending it's the weekend. 
Ehh. Maybe I am, Maybe I am. 

I can't thank y'all enough for your recommendations for Savannah. We went with a hefty list in my planner, and unfortunately wasn't able to do most of it. But we're already planning a trip back, because it was that much fun!

True to Milton fashion (that'd be my new last name, yo) We stopped at a gas station as soon as we got off I-95 for some booze to bring over to my cousin's house. 

Naturally, we picked up 40's.
Why?? Oh, because they don't sell them in Florida. Which obviously makes them way more appealing to us.
(Of course, Jason had to let all of Georgia know that he was a Gator)

Saturday we walked down to the riverfront, and visited a few of the shops along the pathway. With Bloody Mary's in tow.

Then headed over to my cousin's graduation party. I wasn't able to get pictures, because it rained every 5 seconds. The rain definitely didn't stop us from having a blast!

We ate Baked Ziti (a staple at all of our celebrations)
We played Beer Pong
....and Flip Cup (also a staple)
and did this for hours.
and I mean HOURS.
We had way more fun than the kids.
All this fun, tired us out. We took a little nap then headed out on the town with my cousin and his friends.

Our meal at Paula Dean's put us into a food coma, and forbid us from being able to do anything after lunch. So we hopped and the car and headed home.

We had such an amazing time, that we can't wait to go back up and spend some quality time in Savannah.


  1. So jelly of the 40's. Reminds me of my days in Tallahassee when we'd drive to GA for them. Oh, those were the days.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Jason's and Casey's wardrobe are identical.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Those Bloody Mary's sure looked delicious, too - and I do not drink those. I guess it's my latest "want" for Mai Tai's on the beach somewhere... Haha ;)