Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

We made it to another Friday
And next Friday will be the last work day before a 3-day weekend
My weekend is full of nothingness, and I'm not hating it one bit. Hopefully we can get a lot done this weekend. And by "done", I obviously mean a lot of rest.
I need some rest. So, here's to you Friday. Thanks for joining the party
I'm changing it up a bit and linking up with Miss Bargain Blonde, herself for a little Friday Favorites

My favorites are pretty random, like myself. So in no particular order..

Obviously I've been overloading my blog about Chambray shirts. What can I say, when I obsess over an item...I really obsess. #sorryimnotsorry. Last night I finally found one.
You guys, I'm in love with it. Also, you should note how hard and uncomfortable it is to take a mirror picture. I'm obviously wearing it today, with some white shorts. Ohhh, Happy Day!

My Wedding makeup artist suggested this for me. To help me clear up my dry, patchy (gross) skin. It works WONDERS Ladies. I'm usually the last one on the train, (i.e. Ol' Chambray Train) so I'm sure you've already heard about this years ago. But It's a lifechanger and it's one of my favorite parts about the day

All of you need to go check out Whitney, she is the sweetest (and wittiest) girl in the whole wide world. We share a love of Wine, HoneyBooBoo, Home Cities, Tailgating, and Spice Girls - If that's not a match made in heaven, I don't know what is. She did the most amazing Eye Shadow Tutorial the other day, and I can't wait to try it out over the weekend. 
Moral of the story, She rocks and you should go see why...NOW!

Speaking of Spice Girls. I've been listening to them straight for the last two days. And I've been loving it. 'nuff said.

I'm really a lover of all Reality Shows. But something about Jersey Shows makes me so content. I'm loving the drama on this season's RHONJ. I rewatched the the whole "phone call" incident several times. It's not all drama either, Richie, Joe Gorga, and the Manzo boys always have me cracking up. Please don't ever go away

Gotta give my hunny a little shout-out. Bless his heart, he has class every single day this semester. Which I know is hard on him. Can't wait for this whole school thing to be done and over with. This is my last weekend with him before Football, and then I loose him till February.. we're definitely going to take advantage of our peace and quiet time this weekend.



  1. Well, this post was like a nice, cold, freshly poured martini with just the perfect amount of olive juice in it. (that is, only if you like the dirrrrty dirrrrty martini... I do, fa sho). I just luhhhh that Chambray find, you are rocking it - mirror pic and all.

    Sounds like you're going to be lonely in the next few months. If we don't get together for (spiked) coffee, at the very least, I will be the saddest member of the Spice Girl fan club, ever. (note: I prefer vodka cocktails and vodka doesn't go well with coffee, I don't think.)

  2. I am obsessed with chambray shirts! I have two - I don't know why, they look exactly the same! And I am loving Housewives too :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. God bless you for posting a mirror shot...I always look horrendous, so I refuse to look directly into the mirror for fear of looking like a deer in the headlights. You look fab, gf!

  4. PLEASE tell me you listen to Spice Girls Pandora??!! Oh my junior high heavens! AMAZING!! I've been jamming out/working out/laying out to this station for a couple of weeks now and I am IN LOVE.

    Oh! And my husby was my "favorite everything" too! Love those guys!

  5. I love Jersey shows too!! I don't know why but i want to go to Jersey soooo bad!

  6. Loving the shirt, where did you get it?

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I have so much to say! I love RHONJ too and of course I love Whitney! :) That pic of your husband is precious! And I adore your Friday quote! I'm definitely gettin down because it's Friday! Happy weekend honey!

  8. stopping by from the bargain blonde...feel free to link up here too!

  9. Oh I love the St. Ives scrub and Real HW of NJ is my FAVORITE!! I love Jacqueline, she's my favorite! So glad to find your blog, it's too cute and I"m a new follower!

  10. I love the St. Ives facial scrub. I kind of want to eat smells so dang good!

    I may be the only person on the planet who has neve seen a Real Housewives of any city. Gasp, I know!

    Off to check out that makeup tutorial!