Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just call me Baby.

I heard this topic on the radio the other day, and I just LOVED the idea. and I'm pretty obsessed with games. 
If you could star in any movie, what would you pick?
My obvious first choice would be
My first movie obsession. I have no clue why my mom let me watch a rated R movie every single day after pre-school. But I ppreciate' it. I watched the (recorded) VHS every day, like clock work. I still find myself watching it if I happen to see it on. I want nothing more than to perfect that lift in a lake somewhere. 
Another movie that I wouldn't mind taking lead in is Coyote Ugly
Who didn't want to be a 'Coyote' when this movie came out? They made their bartending gig look fun and a bit mysterious. I wanted to dance on the bar, drink at work and squirt idiots with water. Have you ever actually been to a Coyote Ugly? They are so boring. The bartenders try to pretend there are 500 people in the bar, when it's just like 4 people. It's a little awkward when you are asking if I want a body shot through a megaphone. I'm sitting right in front of ya. mmm. No thanks!
So all-in-all. I have a thing for dancing movie, and would love to star in any of them. If you're looking for a body double, hollywood, I'll loose 115 pounds and be there in a jiffy.
Can't wait to see what movies you guys picked!


  1. These are fantastic choices!! You're right...who didn't want to be a coyote when that movie came out? Bartending seemed SOOOO cool back then:)

  2. I've never been to Coyote Ugly, but I was a bartender, and while there wasn't any singing or dancing from me, it was definitely one of the most high energy and fun jobs I've ever had! I definitely miss it!

  3. Oh girrrrr, we be listening to the same morning show. Of course, like I couldn't have guessed THAT.

    Also, you go shake that money maker on the bar!

  4. Hahaha, hilarious! Love this pics! And GREAT choices! I'd have to add A League of Their Own... :)

  5. Love your blog, sorry about the comments on posts for 1993. Those are two of top 3 favs, I had slight obsessions with both movies and then there is Garden State, which is my #1 fav movie, love me some Natalie Portman in that movie.