Friday, August 31, 2012

My Favorite Fridays fall on 3 day weekends

Good Morning Lovelies, 
I'm finally getting to post some what earlier in the day.
I love my Friday letters - so let's get right too them

Dear Football, You'reeee here! We're welcoming you with open arms and open beers, my friend. Please don't consume alll of my husband's time this year. Also, please make these outfits appear in my closet - so I can cheer you on in style, of course

Dear Nail gods, please let me learn to do these Gator nails..

Dear 3-day weekend,
 Oh heyyyy girl. So happy to see you. It's been a long time, no? Thankfully my only plans include Football and a Bridal shower. so let's play our time together by ear!

Dear "Messy bun", A coworker sent me a youtube video of you, and then Queen O' the Blogland, PLL did a post featuring you. So that makes it super cool and chic. I figured what the heck, any hairstyle that looks un-done is something that I could probably do. This is something that I just don't think I can pull off though - you ladies be the judge!

Dear Spreadsheets, you've made my life a living hell this week. I don't like you very much. You can go away now, far far away.

Dear Jason, Thanks for the sweet text this morning, and a picture of Bailey to brighten me up! Love you

Don't forget to link up with us, over at Ashley's pretty little blog
Stay safe this weekend, girls. and Go GATORS!


  1. Even though I am NOT a Gator fan, our teams share nearly the same color which is perfect - War Eagle:) love it! I loved this post seeing as I am a football fanatic. Thank God we live in the south <3

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  3. Cute Outfits for the Gators! Even Though I am a BullDog.. Very cute outfits!!! BTW I nominated you for an award.. Go Check it Out and see if You want to Play Along! :)

  4. New blog follower! I'm a Nole and hubby's a Gator. I actually got a cute orange dress with blue cardigan from Old Navy for when we go to GVille. Love the blog :)

  5. Loving the orange and blue ensembles!! And those gator nails are adorbs - too bad I could never pull it off! Happy Gator game day tomorrow!!

  6. Love those nails!! Your hair looks good!! Love the headband! Too cute!

  7. hi there!! thanks for following my blog! you are too cute - yayyy for puggles and football! i think you are my new besty :)

  8. I see an NKG Gator Game Day dress! She is actually from my hometown- she makes UCF dresses too (since you have a hard time choosing sides like MOI.)

  9. Those outfits are too cute! I'm hoping to take my 12 month old to his first game this season. We just taught him how to chomp:) Go Gators!