Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain and House talk

Issac is paying us a little visit today.
and by little I mean, this really isn't that much worse than a normal rainy summer day.
That didn't stop people in Florida from freaking out.
(while I know we were lucky, I'm praying for the people of Nola and their safety)

My company didn't want us to have to trek outside the office in this stormy weather, so they order Jimmy Johns for us to eat, dry and safe, in the office.
I was a Happy Camper, to say the least.
I'm so thankful for a Monday that isn't all that bad.

This weekend was filled with a bunch of lazyness, and quite honestly I wasn't hating it. Spending so much time at the house made me realize that I really need to start sprucing it up. When we bought our house a few years back, we put a little bit of time and energy into it. Which basically means we bought the necessities and a little decorating here and there. I honestly don't believe that I would call any room "complete" Now that we are past the wedding, I would love focusing on making our little house more of a cozy home. 

Here's my little honey to-do list

Putting things in a list form and publishing them, makes everything real. Right? I'll be Pinteresting the night away for inspiration. 



  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel, girl! Now that our wedding is over too I've been feeling the same way....the house needs a little TLC!

  2. your to-do list has inspired me.

    also, before i even read i knew that sandwich was from jimmy johns. we have one right across the street from my work. i get it atleast once a week.

  3. To do lists make it happen! So does pintrest, I am tottely addicted to pinning !

    Have a great day !


  4. Damn Pinterest and all of the high expectations it gives us for our homes. I want to see updates on these home improvements tomorrow, k?