Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Really? Already?

Doh! I got sidetracked yesterday and forgot to post.  Pretend it's still yesterday, will ya?

How do these weekends fly by so fast?
I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed this morning, the snooze button was definitely my bestie. But here we are, another Monday that came to soon.
This weekend was a pretty 'go with the flow' weekend. Don't you love those? No set plans, just did whatever we wanted.
On Friday, Steph and I headed to the movies (with our mini wines) to finally catch Magic Mike. 
My favorite part of the movie? There was just soooo many to choose from (sarcasm)
But it was, for sure, anytime Tarzan would dance - see him in the shadows above? that was clearly a mistake. He should of been front and center..wait - no. He should of been front and next to Channing.
yeaaaa, Tarzan.
Saturday we met up with a few friends for dinner and drinks.....and somehow shots.

Which lead to Sunday being a lazy day filled with a few errands, a few movies (Blindside, HOLLA) and this little cutie's 3rd Birthday.



  1. i've seen Magic Mike 3 times (and viewed the "pony" scene countless times on youtube) and Tarzan gets me everytime. he barely puts any effort into it. cracks me up.

  2. I got too drunk during Magic Mike to remember when actually happened... So, thanks for filling me in on Tarzan. What a gem he is.

  3. So jealous- I STILL haven't seen Magic Mike (hangs head in shame)! But sounds like you had a perfect little weekend!

  4. New follower, I love your blog. So cute & I love all your posts. I have been going back through reading - I found your page on another blog {I Wore Yoga Pants}. I hope youll check out my blog too, mine is about my pregnancy... but I too am from the south {Alabama}! Anyways, look forward to reading more and more of your posts. God bless, xo.