Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goin' to the Chapel - Rehearsal Dinner

After our Rehearsal we headed over to a Hall in my mom's neighbor for our Rehearsal Dinner
This was the perfect spot for an I do BBQ - Which wouldn't be complete without Redneck Wine glasses.
The room was gorgeous with Burlap, mason jars, and cowboy boots everywhere. Jason and I made these cute little wine bottle labels

Dinner was catered by our (okay, maybe my) FAVORITE BBQ place in Orlando, 4 Rivers. Seriously, they did NOT disappoint. Especially that Mac and Cheese.
mmmmmm. Mac and Cheese.
After the speeches and a few more drinks, the "adults" headed out. Which left us plenty of time to snap some fun pictures and enjoy the rest of the bevys.

And... no night with us would be complete without a few of our favorite things
Guys v. Girls Flip Cup
Keg Stands 
And on to a Country Bar to have a miniature High school reunion.
What can I say? We keep it classy in these parts, you better REDNECK-OGNIZE.
 In completely related news... I'm super excited for the premiere of Honey Boo Boo Child. That's my big evening plans


  1. I love 4 Rivers! Looks like a fun rehearsal dinner!

  2. 4 Rivers, flip cup, and Cowboys?! Where have you been my whole life?!

  3. Haha, I feel like you and I should be best friends - we are so much alike and I would have LOVED to have a wedding rehearsal like yours! We didn't even get to have one, it was such a rush.... :( I really like your "classy" speak, too. Only southern girls ;) I love this blog, and when is your date ?

  4. There's nothing I love more than finding a new blog and they're talking about weddings! Your rehearsal dinner looked AMAZING and I'm so excited to read about all the other details!

  5. LOVE the dress you wore:) Oh and flip cup?? SIGN ME UP! Just awesome:)

  6. "you'd better REDNECK-ognize". HAha I love you