Thursday, August 9, 2012

What to do...In Savannah?

Jason and I are road-trippin' up to Savannah this weekend.
Thank goodness it's only a few hours, I hate car rides...with a passion.
But I do love Road trip foods. You know - Slim Jims, Redbulls, Candy. And Road Trip dance parties.
I usually am the only one dancing. Jason is too busy laughing.

Back to Savannah.

What a Gorgeous City. 
Our main purpose for going up there is for my cousin's graduation party.
We wanted to catch in a few touristy things while were there.

Basically we only have this planned

Paula Deen Lunch Buffett? Yes, please. I'd throughly enjoy food comas.
We've heard about a few things to do, and tours and what not...But I'm interested to see what must-see's you guys have.
Restaurants, Tours, Bars. You name it.
Especially Bars with Country Music
We heart those

I'm going to try my damn-dest to convince Jason to drive 4 hours outta the way...just to Leesburg, GA. You know, home of this cutie.

Wish me luck. Lots of it


  1. We love going to Savannah!! Definitely have brunch at B. Matthews Eatery! The Olde Pink House has amazing food....Molly MacPhersons & Moon River are both really cool bars! & Back in the Day's famous! Their cupcakes are SO GOOD and it's so cute inside, you have to check it out! Have fun, I'm so jealous!

  2. oh that last picture ... way to get me all excited this morning. ;) slim jims might have something to do with it too. LOVE both equally.

  3. We. love. Savannah. Go to the Riverwalk, TONS of cute little shops right on the river and lots of good picture taking spots. Go to Tybee Island, it's just the cutest little beach town and go see the lighthouse but don't pay to go in, totally not worth it. You can park and walk out to the beach, which is always pretty. I'll be honest, Paula Dean's was not that good. =/ BUT I'm glad I can say I've been there and she's got tons of cute items in her gift shop. If you can splurge with money, take a horsedrawn carriage ride. SO romantic and the guides are always SO nice and they tell you ALL kinds of interesting things about the city. We also took a bus tour during the day so we could see everything better. All the good bars are located on the river, duh. There this AWESOME pizza place at the end of downtown, it's like a shack and the ceilings are so low you almost have to duck but the pizza is delicious! Ummm, oh! In the downtown part, not with all the shopping store but the locals, they're ALWAYS playing live music. Mostly country, a little bit of everything else. It's a ton of fun to sit outside and listen.

    OH! And one last thing, GO TO LEOPOLD'S! It's the greatest little ice cream parlor with lots of movie history inside. It was pretty neat, plus the ice cream is delish.

    Ok, I'm done! =)

  4. I've never been to Savannah!! I'm actually dying to go. Please let us know where all the good places are once you've been :) And have so much fun!!

  5. I love the second photo! I have never been there, but it sounds great