Monday, September 10, 2012

A little bit of everything Weekend

It's Monday. Booo. Which is exactly what I didn't want to think about when my alarm went off this Morning. Thankfully this is a 4 day week for me. 
Weekends are the best, aren't they? You can play catch-up, You can drink, you can be a complete lazy bum. The possibilites are endless, and there is no judgement! This past weekend, Jason and I did a little bit of everything. 
Friday night was an embarrassment. We went to an open house party for our friend's shop. It was the honestly the dirtiest party I've ever been too. I'm really not a snob, I promise. But put it this way, the thought of playing beer pong, and sharing cups with this demographic was something I was not about to do. We minded our business, mingled with our friends that also came out to support, and then headed home after a few hours. No pictures were taken!
Saturday was awesome! Jason woke me up with ChikFila minis, and we did a little bit of housework and hung our new blackout curtains. Taking that chore off the list!  Then we got appropriately dressed and headed to cheer on our team(s). 
Cheering on the Alma Mater!
and then the Gators, ofcoursee
We found this bar that serves fah-ree Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Boiled Peanuts during the games. And,  the best part? You can bring your fur-babies. Needless to say, you can find me there the rest of football season. Drinking my Bud Light Tall Boy. 
And.. Sunday. It was spent hanging a new ceiling fan. (in love with it) and just relaxing, maxing and acting all cool. Oh, and learning a lot about Fantasy Football. GAG! I couldn't force myself to stay awake for the Real Housewives, so you bet that's gonna be on the agenda for my night! 

In other news.... Today is a day worth celebrating, it's our 72-day wedding anniversary. We've officially passed these two:
(and, yes... I had a calendar reminder for that)

Hope you're weekend was lovely!



  1. omg - freeeeee food AND your can bring your dog!?!?! where is this land of enchantment located? i want in haha! i couldnt stay up for housewives either :( ill be catching up tonight!

  2. I agree with above!! Free food, brews and you can bring your dog?! Why don't more places do that??

  3. What the hell bar is this?! Burtons? I needz to know!

    Also, very warm congratulations your way for making it 72 days and still loving each other. A true marriage milestone.

  4. That's a real success story when you've been married longer than Kim K! haha congrats!

  5. UCF really gave OSU a run for their money this weekend! This Gator girl was rooting for you all to pull it out!

  6. Congrats on surpassing Kim and Kris' 72 day marriage!

  7. food during a game?? I must find this bar! How awesome. And congrats on beating out Kim K. Hilarious!

    Visiting from Weekend Update.


  8. We do not have bars here like that. Free food, yea right....bring your fur babies - even more of a no. Goodness - I am moving there!
    Congrats on 72 days :) LoL
    Stopping by from the link up :)

  9. haha, congrats on passing 72 days! So funny! Sounds like a great weekend!

    Significance or Nothing.

  10. haha congrats on defeating Kim K ;)

  11. Ummm - yes, can we discuss the name of this bar please? I'm in Florida, I'll drive, the state isn't THAT big.