Tuesday, September 25, 2012

(Day) Dream Believer

I'd like to thank you all for giving me all your thoughts on the closet doors yesterday. The french doors were by far my favorite, just needed a little help convincing Jason. You guys sealed the deal for me! 
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.

I'm not necessarily well versed in astrology. But I do that because I'm a March baby (holla!), that my sun sign is a Pisces. I also know that Pisces are, by nature, dreamers. Dream lovers if you will, Mariah.
As a Pisces, I tend to envision my life in the future. In almost every detail. At least that is what I'm chalking up my crazy imagination too.
Whoa, that almost got deep there for a second.

After a brief twitter conversation last night, I started thinking about my dream job. If I could get paid for anything in the world, what would it be?

My top two picks were, of course, Reality TV expert and Professional Pinner. I mean those would seriously be dream jobs. While we talking about those... Does anyone want to create those positions for me? I'd love you for.eve.r.

In terms of actual jobs, here are my top three "wish I could be you" jobs.

The one that started this whole thing: 
Morning Talk Show Host
and not just any talk show host. I'd like to be the ones who drink on air.
i.e. Kathy Lee

I mean...just look at the things we have in common
The ladies wake up, get their hair and makeup done for them. Put on clothes that someone else has picked out, and then head out on stage. Where they proceed to talk about gossip, trends and of course drink some booze.

If for some stupid reason that doesn't happen for me, I'd also consider being a 
Personal Shopper

Preferably for someone like Kim K. (pre-Kanye style) who doesn't wear things more than once.
Um, helllllo - I'd go shopping for all the things they love (and that I was secretly obsessed with). Once they were photographed in those clothes, I would simply "take them off their hands". They don't need those clothes taking up priceless room in their closet.

Once I started getting on this topic of helping the very fortunate, I thought about my love for dogs. Which is the main reason I think I would be a fantastic
Professional Dog Walker

ehhh. no
Not like that at all
I'm thinking this picture of CoCo is more my speed

I'll be a professional bulldog walker, with a 4 dog maximum. 
Basically I might actually be horrible at this job.  But who doesn't love to get 'out of the office' every once and a while. And bullies are my favorite lazy dogs, so we'd make a perfect companion.

So, yup. This is where all of my brain cells went last night. Of course, after I lost half of them watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. Which I can sum up for you in three words:
Bishes be cray



  1. RHONJ that show is crazy! I don't know what to think!

    Have a great week!



  2. Haha number 1 and 2 would probably fall under my dream jobs as well. I love your blog, you are hilar. New follower! Hope you'll stop by my way :)

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  3. hilarious! I would love to be a morning talk show host too! that would be the bomb

  4. Definitely a dog walker OR my friend and I always talk about quitting our jobs and opening a doggie daycare!

  5. I'm seriously looking forward to the reunion. Jacqueline said it's INSANE in the membrane. Ok, I added the last part, but I bet it will be :)

  6. I have seriously thought about doing three...but I complain so much about walking my own dog. ha!

  7. OOOOH yeah professional dog walker is soooo up my alley! To be specific I want to be a professional Pomeranian walker! haha

  8. Hahah you can try taking my bully for a walk and you will absolutely change your mind - stubborn little brat sits when he wants, lays down when he wants, it's more like HE walks ME lol -- but you are right on about Kathie and Hoda ....gossip and booze? How did they get so lucky??

  9. Booze taste tester.

    I'd be amazing.

  10. I think all of those sound like wonderful job options! I'd take any of them!