Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So you all know by now that I live in Florida...

Okay, good.

Well I woke up this morning, starting my lil' morning routine and put on my tank top and flip flops for work as per usual. There is no fashion in my game. I'll admit that. This week is spirit week at work, so I added my half attempt at geek day (which is hard to do, btw) - my glasses with ducttape.
Steph is a cute little geek, isn't she.

Anyways... Came to work, and checked instagram only to be flooded with tons of OOTD pictures filled to the brim with adorable boots, leggings, scarfs, SWEA.TERS. Sweaters...already? All that is stuff that I very well can't wear for another 2 months. 

Jealously came over me, and I wanted to go home and change immediately into fall appropriate attire. Knowing that was just a idea asking for heat stroke, I decided to make my dream fall outfit on polyvore.
If you build it they will come, right?



  1. I feel ya! It's not cold enough here in TN yet to rock boots and a sweater either. I love summer and I hate to see it go, but I'm getting fall envy too.

  2. Love that outfit though! It was definitely 50 degrees here in Chicago when I walked to work this morning, with a high of 63 today, so I'm all about the fall clothes already. Except flip flops. Still rocking flip flops today.

  3. Haha I totally understand! I'm from Houston and we never really got to wear cute fall clothes. Since I've moved to Oklahoma I feel like I finally understand the love of Fall!

  4. I expect to see those glasses at our wine date!

  5. Fellow Florida girl here--I am in a tank and kinos at work today, too.

    And yes, i totally wish every outfit I built on polyvore just magically ended up in my closest. oh how wonderful that would be!

  6. luckily its actually feeling like fall here in Texas already.. well, today it feels like it. Tomorrow we're back in the 90s :(

  7. Those boots are BEAUTIFUL!! Any idea where they are from?!

  8. I'm a fellow Floridian. What city do you live in? I feel ya on the fall wardrobe. It is still so stinkin hot here! Looking forward to getting to know you and your blog!

  9. Love that outfit!! It's been cold enough in the mornings for something like that, but by 2 it's way too hot. New York problems :)

  10. I know exactly what you mean! I dont want to wish the warm weather away but I'm so ready for boots and sweaters

    Xo, Rachel


  11. Here in Tampa we woke up to 68 degree weather (which was nice because the AC is broken) and I drug out the boots. Then it hit 80 again. but I am right there with you, and am working on my winter style boards to help with the "if you build it they will come" :)