Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh, hello there!

It's been a long time, ladies. Work was cray cray last week. I couldn't even pry my eyes away from Spreadsheets for a minute to read blogs. 
But, I'm back. HOLLLLA
(me obviously silently screaming holla at work)
I met up with Whitney (not once, but twice) last week. We met for wine on Wednesday and then decided that our Boy's love for the Gators would lead to a great time on Saturday. and, it did!
There were several hashtags through around, beer chuggin' for Honey boo boo, and most of all a Gator win.
You really need to follow her and her twitter
She's incredibly boring and so freaking serious. 
I kid, I kid. 
She's amazing, and you'll LUHHHH her. Promise! 
I party rocked way too much last week...which led to a hibernation-like nap that lasted throughout the night. I woke up at 8ish, and was back asleep at 10:45. Clearly a rockstar.
Sunday we made a quick trip to Lowes in hopes of updating our horrendous Closet doors in our bedroom. Right now we have sliding doors that fall off the track every single morning. Now we're in a debate to we switch to french doors or bifold doors. 
Tell me what you think!
And, that's my weekend update for you! Exciting, right? 


  1. French Doors. But that's just my personal preference. I'm jealous you got to hang out with Whitney. Putting you two on this - find me a guy in Florida and I'll move to you guys and we can drink wine and go on river cruises. : )

  2. Well hellerrrrr there. Welcome back, you stranger.
    I already feel pressure from this shout out... you KNOW! Hashtag bloggerprobz.

    ps. I miss you already... when's our next date?

  3. I love the french doors! Both look great though

  4. French doors, definitely (:

    xoxo Heather

  5. I love the french doors! Classic and timeless!


  6. Love the French doors!
    Looks like a great weekend!!

  7. loooving the french door look! welcome back sister friend!

  8. I personally think you should go with the French doors, they looks so niiiiceee.

  9. the french doors are beautiful, but the bi folds just seem slightly more practical for some reason!
    found your blog via weekend update!

  10. french for sure! bi-folds are super annoying..just as bad as the sliding!

  11. French doors are so classic and clean-looking - love them!

  12. Welcome back :) French Doors..for sure!!!

  13. french doors for sure!! they look way better and more grown-up

  14. I vote French doors, and then you can store things on the back!!

  15. i vote french doors! easier access :) new follower!