Monday, October 29, 2012

A semi- Halloween weekend

This weekend was such a fun-filled couple of days. I think I say this every Monday, but someone should really make weekends 3 days!
I'd vote for ya!
After work on Friday, I headed out for a mini-guilt-ridden shopping trip. I knew I should of gone shopping, but did so anyways. And, I immediately regretting doing so. It was too too bad - just two tops, one jean jacket and one pretty little clearance dress!
Here's the old navy finds:
I've been loving several Pinterest pins involving both of these items, so I'm super happy to find them! Later that night I went to see Wanda Sykes with lil' miss yoga pants, Whitney! While the show might not of been all we hoped for, we made up for it with an amazing dance party.
Obviously Saturday we watched the dreadful Gator game. I'm quite honestly impressed that Jason was able to compose himself enough to enjoy the concert!
Although either of us go get our heads on straight before the show. I left my phone at home, and he left his wallet.
Peas in a Pod, I tell ya!
Right before le concert.
I didn't dress up in costume this year, so I just called my outfit "cowgirl"
(oh, that's that cute little clearance dress!)
Jason's awesome friend went to our house, picked up our lost articles, and drove downtown just to drop them off to us. We were able to go out and enjoy the craziness of Downtown and Thanks to him, I was able to capture my favorite costume of the year.
Duck Dynasty. Hollllla.
Sunday is our favorite day, we take this whole "day of rest" verrrrry seriously! There were multiple naps taken, delicious food eaten, and a little bit of Halloween movie watching.
and...then came Monday.



  1. Aww your "cow girl" outfit is too cute! I love your dress! xoxo

  2. Ah!! The badge is on my neck in that picture!! hahahaa. I wonder if that 21 year old ever found those guys.
    See also: I love dance parties with you.

  3. I enjoy a good dance party! I am sure you guys had a great time, it is all about the company you are with!

  4. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie!

    Aww 3 items is nothing to feel guilty about :)