Monday, October 15, 2012

An All-girl Weekend

This past weekend was so special because I was able to get in a lot of girl-time. 
And girl time is really good for the soul.
Friday night was 2-4-1's Stephanie's and Chardonnays and then followed up with a bit Karaoke-watching
We went home a smidge before 2am early, to prepare for a day of tailgating on Saturday.
Oh, hiiii Whitney and Stephanie.
Tailgating was a blast. As I'm sure you can see by all of the beverages above. We had so much fun step dancing, flipping cups, playing celebrity name games!
Right after the tailgate, I saw that one of my best girls just got engaged. We headed up to the closest bar for celebratory drinks with the happy couple.
Aren't they the cutest?

On Sunday, I had my other friends Bridal Shower. It was at a gorgeous Restaurant and it was beautiful in everyway. That MOH from the Bachelorette Party nailed it again! 
I can't wait for her wedding!
She's going to be one gorgeous bride! Needless to say I'm exhausted even after a 12 hour sleep last night. But my heart is full of so much love and happiness for my friends. It's so nice to be able to celebrate them.
Stephanie loved (atleast I hope so) her gift. I'm going to post about it tomorrow for you gals! Hope you had a great weekend.



  1. It's so weird that I don't have any plans this coming weekend.. is it bad that I just want a complete recap of this weekend? LOVED IT!

  2. What I've gathered from all of this is that I need to come down to O-Town (miss that band) for a fratastic time with you and Whitter.

    The End.

  3. I wish there was a video of our step dancing.
    Or maybe I don't.

  4. Looks like so much fun. Jealous, party of 1.

  5. Fun weekend!! I LOVE Fireball! It's one of my favs to get things going! :) I wish I lived there so I could come hang out too!

  6. I spy fireball!! LOVE that stuff! No one seems to know what it is here in the midwest!

    Weekends with the girls are the best!

  7. I couldn't do a weekend recap because noone wants a post about me watching a marathon of the "Step Up" movies and eating ice cream out of the carton. ha. Your weekend looked like fun!